Jerome Bettis and his wife of 16 years, Trameka Boykin, met in high school. Jerome Bettis Jr. and his daughter Jada Bettis are members of the Bettis family.

Since his retirement, the Pittsburgh Steelers great has devoted himself to his family and is a devoted husband.

Notably, the 13-time NFL player graduated from Mendoza College’s Business Administration program in 2022.

He had assured everyone, including his friend and business associate Trameka, that he would enrol in the university. When he was 28, his lifelong ambition came true.

For the time being, Jerome and Trameka are running their nonprofit organization, busstopsherefoundation, which is focused on bettering the lives of underprivileged adolescents in urban areas.

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How Is The Relationship Between Jerome Bettis And His Wife Trameka Boykin?

On July 9, 2006, Jerome Bettis and Trameka Boykin tied the knot. Jerome’s wife-to-be, Trameka, was his longtime girlfriend.

They’ve been together for 16 years and have accomplished a lot. During an interview with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the pair spoke at length about their love and the continued strength of their bond.

He detailed their careful preparation for childrearing and old age on The Jerome Bettis Show. He decided to begin again after winning Super Bowl XL in his hometown in 2006.

Jerome added in his Instagram post that his wife is the most selfless person he knows since she helped him successfully wrap off his career.

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Mrs Bettis doesn’t often appear in the media, but her roles in A Football Life (2011) and Strip Live (2008) have made her a household name.

In her spare time, Trameka works tirelessly for the Off the Field NFL Wives Association, an organization that hosts charity fashion events.

Further, she has contributed some of her time to the Bus Stops Here Foundation. It was founded in Detroit to foster vibrant and resilient young people and neighbourhoods.

The organization’s mission is to provide young people with cutting-edge education and resources so that they may create brighter futures for themselves.

About Jerome Bettis’s Family In Detail

Bettis’s children came into being after he had already accomplished what he set out to do. His sights were set on bringing the Super Bowl XL trophy back to his hometown of Detroit.

His first child arrived before he and his wife had started dating. On January 29, 2005, Jada Bettis was born to him as a daughter.

In 2006, everything seemed to be heading in the right direction; he married and welcomed a daughter into the world. Johnnie Bettis, Jerome’s dad, died of a heart attack on November 28. At 61, he suddenly collapsed and died from cardiac arrest.

As reported by Espn, Johnnie was reportedly driving in a Detroit suburb when the event occurred. Jerome’s dad was an electrician in downtown Detroit.

After a year, the Bettis family welcomed their son, Jerome Bettis Jr. April 17, 2007, was the day of his birth. According to Jerome’s Instagram post, the bus’ mother, Gladys Bettis, aka “Mama Bus,” was the happiest person to see their son.

Aged 73 years and seven months, Gladys strives to raise awareness for breast cancer and is a devoted football lover. Gladys, who beat breast cancer, wants others to know that the condition can be managed.

She also stresses the importance of regular self-examinations for all women to see whether they have any hidden lumps. Mama Bus actively participates as the NFL Moms’ Organization (PFPMA) head.

Jerome and John are the boys that Johnnie and Gladys had. John, the second oldest of the Bettis brothers, runs the family business (BBSG).

John has worked in the field of sports marketing for over ten years. Because of Jerome’s unwavering encouragement, his brother’s firm quickly grew to a multi-million dollar enterprise in its first year of operation.

His older brother, John, presented Jerome with his Pro Football Hall of Fame plaque in 2015.

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