In case you were wondering, Jennifer Williams, is still seeing Jelani on Basketball Wives. Season 10 is when Jennifer first introduced Jelani to her audience.

The couple’s romance began right at the season’s outset. The two people were happy to see each other and cared deeply for each other.

Williams first appeared in the 2022 mid-season episode of Basketball Wives, which chronicled the lives of the spouses of professional basketball players. On February 13, 2022, the new season’s first episode broadcasted.

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Are Jennifer And Jelani Still Together?

In Basketball Wives, Jennifer Williams and Jelani Harrison are still a couple. Their fans will admire their genuine caring for one another.

Viewers saw a new side of the Redefined Glam creator in her interactions with internet entrepreneur Harrison. The females immediately felt comfortable enough to yell at Williams, indicating an instant bond.

She continued talking to him by asking about his watch and mentioning that he had shown interest in her book and her desire for some alone time with him.

Their followers adored them and even went on dates where they looked adorable. During their first date, they began to click, and their second date took an unexpected turn. The TV star said she felt comfortable chatting with him and being herself on their second date.

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She found herself in an unfamiliar role. They kissed and held one other tearfully before parting ways. She, being a Virgo, took the kiss differently and revealed her discomfort.

Their relationship status became a topic of speculation among their admirers. A businessman who previously expressed little interest in marriage or children suddenly changed.

He felt financially stable enough to start a family and welcome a new baby. He told his mother, Smith, about his close relationship with Willimas. In the episode, he is shown to be a considerate and passionate lover of their time together.

How Is Jennifer Williams And Jelani’s Relationship?

The pair is very much still together. Thus, the answer is yes. A closer look at their social profiles reveals they are mutual Instagram followers.

As the audience can see what they’re going through, they grow close throughout the season. Their devoted following of fans unanimously agrees that they were meant to be together.

Several commenters on Jen’s article about love expressed their wishes for the photographer, Harrison. They had positive thoughts and hoped for the best.

They are convinced that Harrison has feelings for her, and they like seeing her happy whenever she is near him.

Williams and Michael Coste have had a great time in Paris lately. The time she spent with him was described as fantastic.

Know More About Jelani Harrison

In Basketball Wives, Jelani Harrison runs her own business, JC Logic. He was from Compton, California, and the proprietor of an online enterprise as soon as he entered the mansion.

The parents of the former proprietor of Healthright LLC are very happy for him. Russell Harrison, the son’s father, also runs the businesses that bear his name: Russell Herbels LLC and Royal Lion Botanicals.

He dedicated his life to the organization for forty years, making it a leader in total-body detoxification. When asked who most influenced him to become the guy he is today, he responded to his mother, Kathy Smith.

She expressed how much she enjoyed raising him. He takes his parents to dinner at The Belvedere in The Peninsula Beverly Hills, where they have a fantastic night together.

The district manager is Rahsaan Allpurp Harrison’s younger brother, with whom he is very close. His older sibling had been a professional football player. The entrepreneur’s son is very close to him.

He graduated from the University of Washington and ran track with a degree in Sociology. He ran the 100-meter dash at the Pacific Coast Conference Championship.

He runs a website where you can buy caps, tank tops, and extreme beanies. He became an entrepreneur after quitting his job in 2005. The strategy backfired when, after a couple of years, he went back to work. He was always working, though.

Whom Was Jennifer Williams Previously Married To?

Jennifer’s first husband, Eric Williams, was a former NFL player. Back in 2010, she and her then-husband appeared on the show.

During two full seasons, the two partners put out an effort to repair their strained relationship. The athlete tossed a drink at her face in one scene.

As a result of their incompatibility, they ended up splitting up. Because of this common choice, the TV star filed for divorce in 2011.

In July 2022, the newspaper said that the former basketball player is now engaged and working as a farmer. The ladies in business were the latest to wish him well on his new venture.

Eric Had A Baby With Brandy

Supposedly, Eric and a woman called Brandy from Cleveland had a son. She said her son was 18 months old in 2012. She said she wanted him to have the finest of everything.

Because of this, she talks about her challenges as a single mother while raising her son, Jayden. When admirers called her a stepmom, Jennifer stated she didn’t know the woman.

For the sake of her children’s future, she eventually initiated paternity proceedings. The athlete, however, did not submit it to the judge.

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