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An opponent was allegedly assaulted at an abortion-rights protest by a Rhode Island state senator candidate who was running for office while off-duty.

Rhode Island’s Democratic state senator candidate Jennifer Rourke’s recent reports claim that Jeann Lugo, her Republican opponent, struck her in the face.

The WOMXN Project organized the demonstration, which included a lecture by Rourke. Rourke is a member of the organization’s board. The entire encounter was captured on camera, and the footage goes viral online.

Jennifer Rourke Is From Rhode Island

During an abortion rights demonstration at the State House, Jennifer Rourke’s Republican opponent struck her in the face. The opponent was an off-duty police officer from Rhode Island.

Rourke claims that while she was attempting to diffuse a situation involving a counterprotester, her Republican opponent Jeann Lugo repeatedly hit her in the face.

On the event’s video, Rourke can be seen getting into a brawl during the rally and then almost immediately taking a strike to the face.

Erik Yanyar of the Rhode Island State Police told CNN that Lugo was charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct after turning himself in on Saturday afternoon.

The mayor stated in a tweet that his public speaking ability was limited by the Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights (LEOBOR). He’s seen the video, and it isn’t comforting.

Is Jeanne Lugo Arrested?

Following a joint investigation between the two organizations, a 35-year-old Providence Police Patrolman named Jeann Lugo was taken into custody on suspicion of simple assault and disorderly conduct.

According to Erik Yanyar of the Rhode Island State Police, who talked with CNN, this information was provided. According to a later tweet from the agency, Lugo was the off-duty police officer involved in this incident.

Following the event, the Providence Police Department and the Rhode Island State Police received complaints of physical assaults that occurred during the demonstration.

In a tweet that is no longer available, Lugo declared his withdrawal from the state Senate race.

Jennifer Rourke Alleged Assault Video Viral

According to a video filmed by Bill Bartholomew and shared with CNN, Lugo allegedly attacked his former state Senate rival at the abortion rights protest on Friday night.

The incident occurred when rally attendees ordered a man who was live-streaming the event to leave after they surrounded him. In the video, Rourke, who is dressed in a pink shirt, is seen asking the man to leave.

A man in a green jacket suddenly punches the person who is live-streaming the event on the side of the head. Rally attendees rush to the aid of the man who was punched and pushed the man in the green jacket away from the injured.

According to the video, Lugo approached Rourke amid the commotion, struck her in the face with his right hand, and then retreated.

On Friday night and Saturday, respectively, Rourke reported to the Providence police and the Rhode Island State Police. The situation was “very worrisome,” according to Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza, after viewing the footage.

After being seen at a local hospital, she later spoke with CNN in a statement, claiming that the punch had given her a headache and ringing in her ears.

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