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It is alleged that Naldy Padilla, the father of JC Padilla, had an affair with his wife while dating Karla Estrada.

Padilla, a musician, is the famous actress Karla Estrada’s son. He was brought up by Karala and took care of her mother’s career. In 2015, Padilla began his musical career. He joined the group known as OPM Fresh.

When the record was released, he collaborated with Marlo Mortel, an actor. The artist has contributed to the music industry and expanded his passion for music. Padilla appears committed to his work and may succeed in the entertainment industry.

 Was JC Padilla’s Father Caught Cheating On His Wife With Karla Estrada?

According to rumors, Padilla’s father cheated on his wife to get along with Karla, an actress. After Karla broke up with his cousin Rommel, he became associated with her. The marriage affinity of Naldy has not been made public at this time.

However, the case is merely what people have conjectured. It’s possible that he didn’t cheat on his wife with the actress. Karla dated Rommel Padilla before Naldy. She became close with the actor while she was young, and at age 20, she gave birth. She is now the mother.

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Daniel was also introduced to his father at the age of three. He was led to her father’s cell by the actress.

 She began bonding with the actor’s relative Naldy after her divorce from Rommel. Jose Carlito, her second child, was born at 21.

Moreover, the relationship with Naldy is short-lived. The actress and Carlito’s father had a dating relationship around 27 years ago. As a result, the followers speculated about the situation at the time. However, the precise reason for their breakup is unknown.

Karla has never stopped looking for her mister since going through a complicated relationship and experiencing heartbreak. She has begun forming relationships with other people. About her relationship, she has given more minor details.

 JC Padilla Father And Parents Details

Padilla’s parents were Naldy Padilla and actress Karla Esterd. Nandy is the singer’s father. The musician was born in the Philippines on September 12, 1996. 

He is currently 26 years old. Karla has four children from various relationships.

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Karla also has two children from previous relationships whose names have not been revealed. Kerala examined her father when she was 18 years old. Karla’s birth was kept from her father. She recently mentioned her father. She said having a close relationship with her parents.

JC Padilla Family Members Details

Actress Karla Esterd’s family is the one to which Padilla was born. He has disclosed the son’s association with Naldy Padilla, an ex-boyfriend of her mother. He is the half-brother of the actor Daniel Padilla. His brother entered the entertainment profession when he was 16 years old.

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Daniel made an appearance on Gimik in 2010. He launched his debut solo album in 2012, and it was certified double platinum. His mother has shown how her presence affects her kids.

Perhaps Karala’s son has chosen a profession in music as his mother did. In 1987, Karla started her acting career. She has made guest appearances in several TV shows, including Ina, Kasusuklaman Ba Kita.

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