Jayden Robinson: Details Of Lebron James Cheating Allegations

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Jayden Robinson has made the bold assertion that LeBron James is definitely cheating on his wife, and that she has evidence to back up her claim.

It all started when J Tuck, a CFO sports announcer, misinterpreted Cam Newton’s comments, implying that he “prefers Savannah James or Ayesha Curry to Brittany Renner.”

When Brittany Renner saw the remark, she agreed. “Most guys cheat with women who don’t look anything like their wives in the first place!” she added.

Both J. Tuck and Renner’s comments were retweeted by @ TheNeighborhoodTalk on Instagram. Jayden, a model, went so far as to state that he is definitely cheating. Several more ladies publicly condemned LeBron for his adultery in the comments area.

Age28 years
Birth DayDecember 23, 1993
Net WorthOver $10 Million

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Wikipedia: Jayden Robinson Bio

There isn’t much information available on her on the internet, and she isn’t available on Wikipedia.

However, after looking at her Instagram, we discovered that she is pregnant and due to give birth shortly. Steven Mitchell Junior is her husband’s name. Gia is the child’s name, and they are glad to welcome her into the world.

Jayden has an Instagram account with the username Jaydenrobinson. She has over 64k followers on the app and is highly popular.

Lebron James Cheating Allegations

There has recently been a report that LeBron James is cheating on his wife. Jayden Robinson is a model and Instagram sensation.

Jayden Robinson, an Instagram model with over 65k followers, even went so far as to suggest that either LeBron James or Steph Curry were “100%” cheating on their wives.

Every social media user knows to take anything written in the comments section or an Instagram model with a grain of salt. It isn’t the first time that LeBron James has been accused of cheating.

Explore Jayden Robinson’s Age

Jayden Robinson is 28 years old. She was born on the date of December 23, 1993.

She is active on social media, and if you want to see more of her pics, check out her Instagram account. She regularly shares stunning images of herself and photos of her husband.

She also appears to be wealthy based on her photos, which show her standing in front of high-end cars.

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