As a result of his divorce from his ex-wife Tracy Tutor, Jason Maltas is currently single.

Maltas, who is well recognized for this, is married to Tracy Tutor, one of the wealthiest women in the world. From the beginning of his professional life, he had a keen interest in construction and real estate.

Jason began working at Cross Creek Development while still a student. His decision to advance his profession led him to join Chipley Construction in 1995.

In 2004, when Maltas’ own construction company was founded, his father-in-law was a director. In Southern California, Maltas was the owner of the upscale custom home construction business Gordon Gibson Construction.

Like his wife, Jason, too, gets a significant portion of his wealth from real estate. He could become one of the richest real estate businessmen in the future.

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To learn about his New Wife, Boyfriend, Family, Earnings, And Net Worth Details, continue reading the article.

Details On Jason Maltas New Wife

She previously wed Tracy Tutor, her ex-wife, and Jason Maltas in Los Angeles. But Maltas filed for divorce from his first spouse in 2022, leaving him single.

Due to his association with Los Angeles rich real estate agent Tracy Tutor, Maltas rose to fame. She is an extremely successful and inventive real estate agent who has made millions of dollars.

At Douglas Elliman Gills, Tracy Tutor is a well-regarded real estate broker. Because she is a cast member of Bravo’s million-dollar list, she is well-known.

The real estate agent has a stellar reputation as of October 31, 2022, as a result of her accomplishments and efforts. In 2018, Maltas sought a divorce after experiencing some personal difficulties.

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The divorces in both cases were cordial because neither spouse publicly disparaged the other. The real estate agent received ownership of the home they shared as a condition of their divorce, which she later sold for about $19.66 million.

The estate includes more than 11,000 square feet of living space, seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a guest house, a pool, and a gym. It is located in the upscale Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles.

They paid $13.5 million for that home in 2009, according to Curbed LA. Jason received a lot of media attention as a result of Tutor’s fame and their romance.

But Maltas is more than simply the ex-husband of the real estate. He is, in other terms, a creative person with a unique personality.

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Meet Tracy Tutor Boyfriend

Tracy Tutor is currently seeing Erik Anderson, who he considers to be his soul mate. She had been going to her trainer, Anderson, for more than two years.

The Los Angeles real estate agent from Million Dollar Listing, who has previously shared a number of adorable moments with Erik, recently released a video of the two exercising together on Instagram.

When Tracy ran out of weights, she employed her boyfriend for hip thrusts in a video she posted to Twitter with the caption, “When you run out of weights and employ your boyfriend for hip thrusts.”

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The same video, which Erik also uploaded, shows your girl attempting to thrust but failing owing to a lack of weight. Tracy spoke with The Daily Dish last month as NBCUniversal was presenting its upfront schedule.

Just now, it became clear how close Tracy and Erik are to one another. She said that everything went smoothly on May 16 and that they were going to lunch since “He’s downstairs.”

Erik and Tracy posted snippets of their most recent trip to New York City on Instagram. Erik shared a sweet picture of the couple on May 20, along with the caption “NY Nights.” Tracy’s remark contained the letters “BB” and three heart emojis.

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Tracy Tutor Family Details

Ronald Tutor is Tracy Tutor’s father; the identity of her mother is still a closely-guarded family secret.

Raising a father for Tutor The California-based building and civil work construction firm Tutor-Saliba Corporation was established by Ronald Tutor. In 1970, the tutor dad business was established.

The CEO of the general contracting company Tutor Perini Corporation is Ronald Tutor. The projected value of his contractual firms, other investments, and business ventures is $1 billion.

Given that Ronald has five children, it is unlikely that his daughter would receive a $1 billion inheritance when he passes away, but she might easily add another $250 million to her net worth in the future.

She has a good nest fund because the tutor works in real estate. Even though she recently paid a staggering $20 million for her home, it’s likely that she and her ex-husband divided the proceeds.

Because of the training, her firm has only prospered more. At the time the house was sold, it was unknown how much was still owed on it.

Her real estate business endeavors have helped her accrue a $20 million net worth and undoubtedly will do so in the future.

Tutor frequently advertises her homes on Instagram, and she just revealed that she sold real estate for $40 million in December 2020.

Earnings And Net Worth Of Jason Malta

By 2022, it is expected that Jason Malta’s net worth will be close to $18 million. Real estate is where he makes the majority of his money.

Since he was a young child, he has been interested in real estate and construction, and today he is the CEO of Gordon Gibson Architecture, the biggest company.

He had previously worked for Cross River Improvement before accepting to work for Chipley Development.

After working for these development companies and acquiring the skills necessary to launch his own firm, he found his structural organization, where his father-in-law was the boss.

He rose through the ranks to become the organization’s Southern California regional chairman and was well known for building extravagant residences. He was married to his ex-wife for a very long time before deciding to end their marriage in 2018.

TracyTutor Relationship Timeline

As of 2022, Tracy Tutor and her fitness enthusiast husband Erik are still together. By making use of their good fortune, the couple may continue living in luxury.

Tracy and her traveling buddy Eik shared a quick video of their trip aboard a private plane on October 25, 2022. Both couples were interacting romantically while playing games.

Aderson, the boyfriend of Tracy, has the Instagram handle @realerikanderson. On his official Instagram account, he has 45.2K followers, 1989 Followings, and 1,240 posts.

His Instagram bio states, “LA Code: Eanderson 10.” Anyone who has followed Anderson on social media can attest to the fact that he is a fitness enthusiast.

He frequently uploads photos of himself working out with his stunning girlfriend, Tutor to social media. The athlete appears to maintain his physical fitness by adhering to a stringent diet plan and a rigorous exercise regimen.

Inside his mansion, Anderson built a personal gym. Erik and his stunning girlfriend claim that Tutor wants to build a gym. Both of them are working extremely hard to open a gym as soon as possible.

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