Jason Butler Harner and screenwriter and journalist Mickey Rapkin work together. Twelve years have passed since Mickey and Jason started dating.

The American actor is well-known for his appearances in Ozark, Changeling, and Ray Donovan, in addition to Scandal and Ray Donovan. After leaving Northern Virginia, he moved to New York City to pursue his acting career.

These many years have seen the two develop a fantastic relationship. Even their shared professional aspirations were welcomed and supported.

Jason Butler Harner
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Jason Butler Harner And Mickey Rapkin’s Married Life

Jason Butler Harner’s colleague Mickey Rapkin is the author of Pitch Perfect. Mickey is an expert in many different facets of journalism.

Rapkin is a journalist and author who produces interesting pieces because of his innovative thought. He graduated from Cornell University in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Communication and General.

Jason Butler Harner’s husband, Mickey Rapkin, worked as a full-time staff writer at Details Magazine. In April 2002, he started working at the magazine, where he remained for more than three years.

He departed the company in November 2004 and was hired as senior editor of GQ Magazine. The company employed him for seven years.

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His work has been highlighted in several publications, including Timeout New York, Entertainment Weekly, and the New York Post.

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The correspondent questioned the military CEO about the incredible story of the supermodels stuck in South America at a Chilean ski resort. He also provided his 11 years of expertise as a freelance writer and followed all business regulations.

His debut children’s book, It’s Not a Bed, It’s a Time Machine, entertained kids uniquely. Unexpectedly, a small youngster who was afraid of going to bed found out that his bed was a time machine.

He also likes going on adventures and even running outside. He wants to sing karaoke and is into music. After living in Manhattan, he is now a resident of Los Angeles.

Jason Butler Harner And Mickey Rapkin’s Relationship

In December 2020, Jason Butler Harner and Mickey Rapkin got married, according to an Instagram comment. They had a little ceremony in secret and got married.

On the Christmas post, one of his fans asked about his marital status, and he replied with Puce.

The set designer Juliet Jernigan commented on Rapkin’s birthday post with the caption “Newlyweds.” As a result, they dated for nine years before getting hitched. The couple adopted Toupee, a gorgeous dog from Wags and Walks Rescue, in the same month.

On social media, the actor shared many pictures of his companion. During Covid, the couple shared a photo of themselves wearing masks and having ice cream. They loved the vacation, hiking, and other activities and shared a passion for discovery.

2020 marked the couple’s tenth wedding anniversary in Chicago. The artist insisted that he had been high with his most remarkable men for nine years. He even said that he could get over any obstacle around him and that he made things better.

They went on a trip for an important event. Their friends and fans wished them a successful year of dating.

Over time, the couple has developed a close relationship and mutual understanding. The two of them appeared to relish each holiday and travel.

Jason Butler Harner And Mickey Rapkin’s Anniversary

The journalist described his love as a source of joy and enjoyment on his birthday.

A Handmaid’s Tale star wished Rapkin a happy birthday on December 12, 2020. He receives good wishes from people like Fernanda Andrade, Eve Harlow, and James Barriscle, as well as cravings for many more happy days.

Detail On Jason Butler Harner’s Family Life

The couple enjoyed a lovely weekend with their friends at Inglenook Winery on June 3, 2017. The author reporter team, including Global Entertainment Director Dana Mathews, met them in Rutherford, Napa Valley, California.

Before that, the couple had lunch with the actor’s parents in Buenos Aires on May 22, 2017. An upscale travel firm worked with Juliana from Destino in Argentina to organize the trip.

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On June 4, 2019, the two lovers spent a lovely evening at the Justin Beaver Whiskey bar with their brand-new Perth friends. Before it, he traveled to Western Australia on corporate boat 1 with Merz and Colin Haycock.

The actor then disclosed they would be doing a True North adventure cruise to Greece in 2020. With their family, Harner and Rapkin get along nicely.

On November 25, 2022, they had a fantastic Thanksgiving with both sides of the family. The novelist and actor welcomed their parents along with Neena Butler and Freddy William Harner.

The daytime attendance includes the American actress Sara Rue and her family, including their two daughters, Addie, 6, and Talulah Rue Price, 9. Her older daughter was carrying the dog.

They ate delectable foods like pies and cakes. The actor used a tree in my backyard that day to make the apricot jam he needed for the glaze. For the next performance, the performer vowed to make some changes to the apple masonry.

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