Janit Baldwin Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Family And Net Worth Details

  • October 11, 2022
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Janit Baldwin is a screenwriter who loves creating strong female characters, but her path has not been easy. Numerous television programs, such as “Gunsmoke” and “Baretta,” featured Baldwin.

Janit Baldwin is a screenwriter who loves creating strong female characters, but her path has not been easy.

Numerous television programs, such as “Gunsmoke” and “Baretta,” featured Baldwin. Along with Johnny Cash, she guest starred on “Colombo,” “Hawaii Five-O,” “The Waltons,” and “Emergency”!

Even though Janit Baldwin’s ten-year acting career was brief, it was notable and excellent.

Janit Baldwin Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Family And Net Worth Details
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Janit Baldwin Age And Family Details

The actress Janit Baldwin was born in Kansas City, Missouri, on July 24, 1953. Thus, she has attained the age of 69. Dona Baldwin, an actress, was her mother and primary caregiver. Her father is a Canadian. Dona’s most well-known works are Terminal Island, Scarface, and Badlands (from 1973).

Dona managed other people’s businesses while raising three children on her own, according to Janit’s LinkedIn profile, and she frequently ran into the proverbial glass ceiling. She worked as a print artist, model, voice actress, and actress in her spare time.

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Janit enjoyed a creative nomad existence, leaping from one thing to another until she was forced to enroll in a girls’ school run by nuns. Janit claims that these incredibly forward-thinking nuns gave her the confidence to pursue any interest and encouraged her to write her first musical, “Smell,” which she was able to perform as “Lunchtime Theater.”

Janit, a young actress with auburn hair and blue eyes, made her feature film debut in Michael Ritchie’s Prime Cut at 17. (1972). Janit moved to Los Angeles after receiving a role in her first film alongside Lee Marvin, Gene Hackman, and Sissy Spacek. However, when they quickly changed the setting from the United States to Canada, she had to be 18 and a Canadian.

NameJanit Baldwin
OccupationActress, screen-writer and producer

Janit Baldwin Net Worth Explored

The assessment of Janit Baldwin’s net worth is ongoing. She must, however, have amassed a respectable sum through her work in the film industry.

In 2015, writers and authors earned a median annual salary of $67,120, as reported by the BLS. Inclusion of screenwriters in this total. Therefore, a screenwriter’s income may change depending on their experience, the type of films they create, and the box office performance of their movies.

For instance, a screenwriter with a lot of experience, a substantial body of prior work, and a good reputation may sell their scripts more successfully than a writer with less know-how or notoriety in the business. Therefore, we are advised that Baldwin must possess the skills required to earn a significant income.

Janit Baldwin Role In Gunsmoke

Janit Baldwin plays the character of Joanie Brody in the 1947 film Gunsmoke: A Trail of Bloodshed. One of her most iconic roles is as Claudia Jennings’s cute little sister in the redneck drive-in exploitation classic “Gator Bait” (1973). They cast her as Julie in the film.

It portrays the story of Desiree, a person who depends on poaching to support herself and her siblings while living in a swampy location. Ben and deputy Billy follow Desiree after spotting her with gators to comfort themselves from the “Cajun swamp rat.”

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In Brian De Palma’s delightfully crazy horror rock spoof Phantom of the Paradise, Janit also appears as a groupie (1974). In exchange for her performing his music, the scarred composer in the story offers his soul to the woman he loves. However, a cunning record tycoon betrays him and opens The Paradise, his rock castle, with the help of his songs.

In the frightening made-for-TV movie Born Innocent about teenage females in prison, Janit portrayed a hardened juvenile delinquent (1974). In it, a little girl flees her abusive family only to end up in a juvenile detention center for girls, where her cruel pals mercilessly assault her. She can only count on one honest social worker for help. Denny, played by Baldwin, is a character in the film.

Janit Baldwin Career Details

In the 1977 horror movie “Ruby,” Baldwin portrayed Piper Laurie’s mute daughter, who was taken over by the vengeful ghost of a brutal gangster. The film was a huge hit, and the poster helped to immortalize Janit.

The movie’s story centers on Ruby Claire, who now operates a drive-in theater, as she witnesses gruesome murders sixteen years after her mobster fiance was shot and killed by four of his buddies. Her silent daughter Leslie is behaving increasingly strangely, and a visiting psychic thinks that the afterlife is seeking vengeance.

Ms. Baldwin appeared as a guest star in The Waltons (1972), Emergency! (1972), Hawaii Five-O (1968), Baretta (1975), and Gunsmoke (1955). In addition, Janit has experience acting in theatre performances, television commercials, movies, and television.

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After giving a solid performance as a tough young woman in the only decent slasher movie Humongous (1982), Janit left up acting and pursued a successful career as a fashion designer.

Janit also produced the half-hour armchair travel program “Woman on the Verge of Adventure,” built on appreciating people and culture through art, craft, food, and music. PBS joined the search for national sponsors after finding that women make most travel-related decisions and reservations.

Janit came across a breathtaking gallery exhibit in Mexico City on her journey. After reading the artist’s biography, she could not forget her story, which stuck with her for years. The loosely inspired biography “The Remedy, a Surreal History of Remedios Varo” is about a brilliant Surrealist painter who discovers her voice in a revolutionary movement in art history when art turns against her.

Mother’s NameDona Baldwin

Some FAQs Related To Janit Baldwin

Who plays Joanie Brody In Gunsmoke?

Janit Baldwin plays Joanie Brody in Gunsmoke.

How old is Janit Baldwin?

Janit Baldwin’s birthday is July 24, 1953, making her 69 years old.

Where is Janit Baldwin now?

Janit is a famous designer of leather handbags and other women’s accessories.

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