Janet Varney Partner, Past Relationship And Family Life

Brandon Reynolds, Janet Varney’s husband, writes and edits. Janette and Brandon tied the knot in 2018.

Janet is well-known for doing the voice of Korra on “The Legend of Korra,” an award-winning animated television series.

She has also voiced Sheriff Evie Barret in “Stan Against Evil” and Becca Barbara in “You’re the Worst” outside the animation industry.

She is a highly regarded actress with over nine awards and eight nominations under her belt in a career with over 97 acting credits.

Among her many honors are a Best Voice-Over Performance Online Film & Television Award, three consecutive Behind the Voice Actors Awards from 2013–2015, and a Primetime Emmy Award nomination in 2016.

Janet is usually very discreet, yet she has had two high-profile romances. Marriage was a part of each of them, albeit one ultimately failed and resulted in divorce.

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Janet Varney’s Partner, Brandon Reynolds

Brandon Reynolds, Janet Varney’s husband, has over twenty years of experience as a comedy writer. In Los Angeles, Brandon is also a teacher at The Second City.

In 2018, Brandon and Janet tied the knot. They are also writing partners and collaborators. Drama 3|4 is a production firm they co-founded.

The man Janet is seeing has an extensive background in writing and communication because he majored in those areas at Southwestern University.

Between 1996 through 2000, he attended the school, and in the latter year, he earned a BA in Communication/English.

Four years after completing his degree, he began his professional career as the Online/Calendar Editor for Style Weekly. Between February 2004 and February 2007, he served in that capacity.

After that, he became the Arts and Culture Editor, a post he held until July 2009. He enrolled at USC again that same year. The same year he earned a Master of Arts in Science-Specialized Journalism.

Brandon began his career as a Freelance Writer and Editor at the university. After graduation, he continued in this role, contributing to publications such as The Atlantic, The Kansas City Star, The San Antonio Current, and Oxford American.

In September 2012, he resigned to become the Editor-in-Chief of SF Weekly. His employment at SF Weekly was from September 2012 through January 2015.

Since 2015, Brandon has worked in various fields, including radio for Los Angeles’s KCRW, as a senior editor for the website WhoWhatWHy, and as a writer and editor for the company Salesforce.

Janet’s Previous Relationship With Chris

The marriage between Janet Varney and Chris Hardwick began in 2004 and ended in 2011. When Janet and Chris split up, they remained friendly.

Chris is a well-known comedian and actor, and he is most known for presenting the after-show chat show “Talking De*d” following episodes of “The Walking Dead” and its spinoffs on AMC.

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He married Janet shortly after they started dating in 2004. Known for his many public partnerships, Chris was in another relationship less than a year following his and Janet’s divorce in 2011 with Chloe Dykstra.

In 2018, his wife Janet made headlines again after defending him from abuse charges by Chloe Dykstra. Janet claimed that Chris never assaulted her throughout their relationship in a statement to the Los Angeles Times.

Janet Varney’s Family

Janet Varney’s birthplace was Tucson, Arizona, where her parents welcomed her into the world. In February of 2021, her mom Marsha Varney died away.

Aside from her role as a teacher at The Gregory School, Marsha also worked as a travel agent. She also attended meetings of the Mormon church.

The couple’s two canines, Scott and Whitley, reside with the actress and her boyfriend, Brandon. They live in a stunning house in the Hollywood Hills.

Janet spent her childhood in Arizona after her birth on February 16, 1976. She has been secretive about her childhood and provided no details about her family.

She claims she went to Rincon High School in Tucson and then San Francisco State University, where she earned her BA in theatre in 1997.

Many of her followers have questioned whether or not she is connected to the late comedian and actor Jim Varney just because of their same surname. But on October 16, 2017, she tweeted that she was not connected to the man.

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