Actor James Kirkland plays Santa in the Rakuten Christmas commercial from 2022. Rakuten’s most recent TV commercial, featuring a fashionable Santa Claus, debuted on or about October 30, 2022.

The Santa Claus in the advertisement explains the Cash Back feature of the business to one of his elves. Many people want to know who the actor with the fake beard is.

The “Holidays: Cash Back You Can Believe In” 30-second ad has already won praise for its portrayal of Father Christmas. And his silky, white-grey hair and short moustache set him apart from more conventional images of the great gift-giver in the sky.

It’s interesting to note that in just six days, a 15-second YouTube version of Rakuten’s TV commercial has received close to 900,000 views. And it started using the platform on November 1, 2022. The full version has received close to a million views.

James Kirkland Lands The Role Of Santa Claus In Rakuten Christmas Commercial
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James Kirkland Lands The Role Of Santa Claus In Rakuten Christmas Commercial

In its newest Christmas 2022 advertisement, Rakuten has chosen actor James Kirkland to play Santa Claus, sometimes known as Father Christmas.

The “Cash Back You Can Believe In” commercial features Kirkland’s persona speaking with one of his elves about Rakuten and its Cash Back feature. Santa informs his helper that he doesn’t want to tell him what to believe in and that he believes in Rakuten as the two moves through the current factory line, where he is not afraid to compliment any of the elves for their work.

The commercial abruptly ends with Santa and the elf exiting the building and arriving at the waiting reindeer-drawn sleigh full of gifts. The on-screen text encourages viewers to download the app, shop, and save. Before starting his acting career, James did improv and stand-up comedy at Amsterdam’s famed Boom Chicago theatre. He currently resides in Los Angeles and works as an actor and writer.

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“Friend of the Devil,” his debut novel, is published by Meathouse Publishing and is accessible on Amazon. James also has 23 more books with 242 ratings on Goodreads.

James Kirkland’s performances as Eddie in 10 episodes of “My Long Distance Relationship” (2008-2009) and Mark in six episodes of “Sing It!” are probably what most people remember him for as an actor (2016).

Most prominently, he played Salazar, The Pageant Judge in Kansas Bowling’s film “Cuddly Toys.” He is also credited as having played a writer in the 2012-2013 television series “Stevie TV.” In addition, the actor performed the character of “Jeremy” in 2012 and also appeared in “Criminal Minds.”

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Some More of James Kirkland Famous Commercials

The holiday advertisement for Rakuten was one of several television advertisements James Kirkland has previously developed.

In a previous internet marketing effort for TomTom GPS, James was cast as the audio engineer for a behind-the-scenes video featuring well-known actors recording their voices for the GPS devices. In one, Kirkland oversaw a recording session with occupants of Room 123 on Sesame Street, Ernie and Bert.

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In the 2013 TV spot “Anytime” for Mike’s Hard Lemonade, he played a bowler alongside Martin Landau, Luis Chavez, Kali Muscle, and other actors. The actor has additionally made brief on-screen appearances in Community Breaking In and Happy Endings.

His most recent appearance in the Rakuten Christmas advertisement has received great feedback thus far. One Twitter user shared a close-up of James Kirkland’s Santa face and said they “loved this commercial,” mentioning Rakuten in the process.

Others have questioned the “tailored outfit” and slimness of Rakuten’s Santa, while some have compared Kirkland’s Santa to John Hamm’s depiction of Father Christmas for the 2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup. One of Kirkland’s Facebook fans praised the advertisement, calling it the “role of a lifetime,” His post has been shared more than 130 times and gotten over 50 comments as of this writing.

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