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James Gooch Wife, Dating Life, Wikipedia, Net Worth And Family Details

  • September 3, 2022
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The protagonist of BBC1’s The Bidding Room, James Gooch, is a vintage dealer and the proprietor of Doe and Hope. James’ Doe and Hope spend a lot of

The protagonist of BBC1’s The Bidding Room, James Gooch, is a vintage dealer and the proprietor of Doe and Hope.

James’ Doe and Hope spend a lot of time meticulously choosing vibrant, odd, and bizarre artifacts and works of art from throughout the world in order to really introduce their goods. They are very interested in the environment each artwork is in.

One of the many significant movies and TV shows that relied on essential components from the James company was the enormously popular Game of Thrones. James responded to Studio 73’s question about his motivation by saying, “It needs to be the journey that things can teach you.

I enjoy the quest because purchasing and selling antiques is gambling. I also appreciate pointing out the beauty that others overlook so that they will be more grateful.

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To learn about his Wife, Dating Life, Wikipedia, Net Worth, And Family Details, continue reading the article.

James Gooch Wife: Exploring His Dating Life

A blissful marriage exists between James Gooch and his wife, Jade. James, however, is a married man when it comes to his love situation.

He is married to the talented videographer Jade. The beautiful couple met while interacting with Celebrity Big Brother.

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After relocating to Saffron Walden in 2009, they were together, albeit it is unaware of this. The couple was blessed with two children.

Bertie and Matilda are the names of the children. James, his significant other, and their two kids live contentedly in their Bedfordshire house.

Who Is James Gooch? His Wikipedia Details

James, a 39-year-old dealer in fascinating and unusual art, went to the University of Arts and spent a lot of time studying film there. His original hometown is Bedford.

Before joining Lovefilm and Amazon Prime, he later spent a few years working in the TV industry at BBC, Endemol, and ITV.

James quit his career as a TV producer to start working in thrift shops and to pursue his love of collecting things. He afterward launched his own company.

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He also is the proprietor of Doe and Hope. Members of the LAPADA community include Doe and Hope. It is the biggest collaboration between traditional retailers and expert workmanship in the UK.

The store was named by Homes and Antiques as one of the “50 Best Antique Shops” in the UK for 2016. James also makes an appearance in The Bidding Room on BBC One as a merchant.

Expert sellers congregate in The Bidding Room to compete for the opportunity to purchase unique products that the general public receives.

The Bidding Room also features Moses Otunla, Lucy Ryder Richardson, Adrian Higham, Jane Cave, Ian Humphries, and James Broad as well-known and accomplished master sellers.

James Gooch Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn?

James Gooch’s everyday possessions are a monstrous lot. According to, his entire estimated assets at this time are $1 million.

He earns money from a variety of sources, including traditional management, Doe and Hope, and BBC1’s The Bidding Room, which contributes to his enormous net worth.

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Gooch has worked really hard and fought very hard to get such a trustworthy total asset count. Additionally, there isn’t a lot of information online about his monthly and yearly earnings. James’ salary details haven’t yet been made public.

A painting by the renowned forger Han van Meegeren, who in 1943 earned the moniker “the man who swindled Goering” when he sold one of his fakes to Hitler’s right-hand man Hermann Goering, and a collection of trap door spider nests from Ladysmith, natal, 1897 that still had one old occupant inside were some of his most notable possessions from the years.

Family Details Of James Gooch

James Gooch is 39 years old, but it’s unclear when or where he was born because he hasn’t yet made that information public.

Although his work life is public knowledge, he maintains privacy in his personal life. The majority of his family’s biography is currently inaccessible online as a result.

When it comes to Gooch’s childhood, the street vendor was fortunate to have very loving parents. He received the support he needed from his parents to pursue a career in this field.

They serve as a steady source of motivation for him and a solid foundation for him to grow in self-assurance. James, on the other hand, has been mum about his family.

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