James Dellavecchia Obituary Death Cause Wife And Neighbor Scott Robbins
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In 2020, social media was swamped with news of James Dellavecchia’s passing and obituaries. The older man’s identity.

Robbins was wounded after being shot numerous times by an older man named James. Additionally, Scott has issues with Dellavecchia, the neighbor who had resided behind Robbins’.

He was Scott’s neighbor and an older man with a nasty temper. He had a lot of issues with Scott.

James Dellavecchia Obituary & Death Cause

When James Dellavecchia passed away in 2020, news of his passing and obituaries poured over social media.

The death was announced on social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram. At age 81, he passed away in a Pennsylvania hospital in Bellefonte.

According to the accounts, he was discovered unconscious by authorities in his cell at the State Correctional Institution, Benner Township in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. Some media outlets said he killed himself because of his guilt for the crime.

Scott and her daughter Kristen were shot seven times with a 40-millimeter Ruger by an older man named James as Scott went to collect his car. Scott and James were childhood friends.

Dellavecchia received a 4 to a 14-year prison term for murder and attempted murder. He was imprisoned for several years until he likely committed suicide.

Meet James Dellavecchia Wife

Before his passing, James Dellavecchia might have resided with his wife and family.

His wife might have been quite upset to learn of the incident when he shot Scott and her daughter. Sadly, there is little information available on social media concerning the occurrence.

The irritable older man may have lived by himself in a vacant home. His aggressive nature can be a result of his loneliness. While constructing the shed, Scott was bothered by his job, as described in the in-depth account.

Although he reported the event to the police, they were uninvolved in the matter because Scott held the required licenses. James may have been mentally sick when he tried to kill his neighbor.

It’s possible that his relatives planned the funeral service. After his passing, his family and loved ones were devastated.

James Dellavecchia Fear His Neighbor Scott Robbins Murder

Scott Robbins repeatedly shot his neighbor James Dellavecchia, so James felt threatened.

When the police arrived at the scene, Scott was still alive, so they immediately took him to the hospital. He identified James as the assassin naming him.

According to their neighbors, James and Scott reportedly had disagreements after James’ siblings stole his son’s bicycle.

When Dellavecchia complained about the noise coming from Scott’s shed, things grew worse. After shooting Scott, Scott’s daughter, and another person, a witness observed James proceed to the basement.

When the police arrived, they discovered James’ bloodied clothes in the basement and a briefcase containing the shotgun. He attempted to destroy every piece of evidence but was unsuccessful because the cops had just arrived.

Judges accused him of murder, attempted murder, and aggravated violence at his trial in September 2012. He claimed throughout the trial that he shot the man out of self-defense.

But the judge judged him guilty and gave him a life sentence without the possibility of parole. James made it clear that he didn’t try to kill Scott and had no memory of what happened.

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