Jaliek Rainwalker Parents Update: Where Are Stephen Kerr And Jocelyn McDonald Now?

The adoptive parents of the missing child Jaliek Rainwater are Stephen and Jocelyn. Learn more about the adoptive parents and the unreported update for 2022.

Jaliek Rainwalker, who was 12 when he was last seen on November 1, 2007, is now 27 years old, but there is still no information on him.

Before Kerr went missing, Jaliek slept the night with him at a relative’s abandoned Greenwich house. The following morning, when Kerr awoke, Jaliek was gone, and he told the police.

Jaliek Rainwalker Parents Update: Stephen Kerr And Jocelyn McDonald Now

Four months after Jaliek went missing, Steven Kerr and Jocelyn McDonald relocated from Washington County to Vermont across state lines. However, we are unaware of their present address.

They have refused to assist investigators and have made no contact to ask about the matter.

Jaliek’s existence with the Kerrs was typical; the family lived in a remote area of New York with no running water and patchy electricity, sharing a single room. Jaliek’s emotional state could have been impacted by this, causing him to lash out at the family even more.


He did not get therapy or medicine for his emotional problems, and according to his parents, he was both suicidal and homicidal at the time of his disappearance.

Jaliek disappeared, but he left a note behind. The Kerr family offers the possibility that Jaliek may have run away to live with an African-American family because he has always identified as black rather than biracial and has expressed a desire to do so after being placed in white homes feeling uncomfortable.

Are Jaliek Rainwalker Parents Still Missing In 2022?

Jaliek Rainwalker was around 12 years when he disappeared from his adoptive parents’ house in Greenwich, New York. He will be 27 years old in 2022, but his case hasn’t been resolved yet.

Jaliek had a difficult upbringing, was addicted to crack and cocaine from birth, and had been in and out of six foster homes before being adopted by Stephen Kerr and Jocelyn McDonald in 2002.


His parents stated that he occasionally had violent outbursts and rage tantrums, and his brothers claimed that they sometimes terrified him.

His former foster family had planned to adopt him before Jaliek attacked Stephen and Jocelyn’s daughter and made them feel he could no longer reside with them.

He was still a great child when he wasn’t throwing a tantrum. His parents considered him a happy, intelligent child who frequently smiled.

Stephen Kerr And Jocelyn McDonald Suspect On Jaliek Rainwalker Missing Case

Nearly all the speculation about this case has focused on Jaliek’s parents, especially his father, Stephen. Soon after he disappeared, the police requested that he undergo a polygraph test with his wife.

Jocelyn agreed and gave her permission, but Stephen later withdrew it. Jaliek’s adoptive grandmother has campaigned tenaciously for his safety since his abduction and has indicated that she believes Stephen injured Jaliek the night of his disappearance and covered it up.

Some of Jaliek’s former foster parents, who have remained outspoken supporters of him, have agreed with this. For example, former foster parent Tom claims to have seen Jaliek write an apology letter for the harm he caused after being instructed to do so.

The police have named Stephen Kerr as the main person of interest in the disappearance of Jaliek. They searched his home and seized one of his computers.

Police have found Jaliek’s yellow fleece jacket inside their home, which they believe he was wearing the night of his abduction. Additionally, Jaliek’s grandmother saw Stephen beat Jaliek in the past after he had an outburst at the family, taking him outside and submerging him in a brook.

Although the police now assert that they believe Jaliek was the victim of foul play, they do not have enough evidence to file any charges.

Nevertheless, his grandparents and foster family never stop looking for information and advocating for him to keep Jaliek’s case and narrative alive.

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