Jackie Aina Sister: Folake Aina Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Instagram Profile And Other Facts Related To Her

Folake Aina, Jackie’s younger sister, is popular on several social media platforms. LA-based Jackie is a Nigerian-American makeup artist.

The Aina sisters are known for fervently promoting their beauty acts on social media, most notably Instagram.

Jackie and Folake have acquired a huge fortune because they are the best at describing attractiveness. Both of the sisters are lovely people.

They have been teaching others how to use makeup properly. Like Hollywood actresses, who are just as underrepresented, if not more so, they look like this group.

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Jackie Aina And Folake Aina Are Sisters

Social media stars Jackie Aina and her sister Folake Aina are sisters. Through their social media accounts, the sisters promote decorative arts.

Folake has followed in her sister’s footsteps by pursuing a career in the beauty industry on YouTube. The girl’s father is from Nigeria, and their mother is from the United States of America.

She uses her influence to push for more diversity in the beauty business. Most people in the fashion and cosmetics industries have heard of Jackie.

She enrolled in the US Army Reserve right after she finished her sophomore year of college. She joined the military and started making videos for YouTube a little over a year later.

Because of the stresses in her marriage, she decided to create a YouTube channel and share her experiences through video. Jackie just divorced her spouse to start a new chapter in her life.

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Jackie, a divorcee who married before, is happy with her current partner. She posts several photos of her hubby on her social media accounts.

Mac Cosmetics discovered her innate skill as a makeup artist while she was working in Hawaii. The job sparked an interest in cosmetics that ultimately became her life’s work.

Most of her critiques came from customers at cosmetics counters, where she worked for a while. While doing what she enjoyed most, Jackie improved her skills.

She states that her experience in the industry shows that people of color are underrepresented and generally overlooked.

Jackie has often complained to friends and family about the lack of foundation brands that provide darker shade selections.

There are a few clips of Folake in videos made by her brothers and sisters. Jackie has amassed 3.54 million subscribers and millions of views on her YouTube channel.

Know More About Folake Aina

UCI graduate student Folake Aina. She graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in biological science. In 2020, Aina earned her college degree.

She had long considered enrolling in medical school to pursue a career as an anesthesiologist. She decided to work at Beier Labs so that she could learn about a variety of different biological processes.

Joining this lab allowed her to fulfill a lifelong goal and serve as an inspiration to other women and minorities who may be considering careers in the medical profession or other STEM disciplines.

During her downtime, she works on bettering herself by listening to music and viewing instructional videos on YouTube.

Eventually, Aina saw potential in Jackie’s profession and began to emulate her. With Jackie by her side, she could pick up even more of her sister’s wisdom.

Folake and Jackie’s online fanbase has grown significantly. Each sister has over 30,000 followers thanks to her or her endorsement and advertising work.

Folake has been very diligent about promoting her makeup line on her followers’ social media accounts, as she now follows 357 users, has 50 posts, and has 34.5k total followers.

Jackie has greatly supported her sister as she pursues the dream job that has always interested her. They’re sisters and have proven they can make it in the cosmetics industry independently.

Folake’s ability to rapidly pick up new information was on display as she meticulously executed the instructions outlined by the instructor.

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