Given that they share a last name, many football followers and fans are confused about Jack Hendry’s link to Colin Hendry. 

It seems like many individuals have different perspectives on the two of them. In this article, let’s make it clear.

Not just them, but there are many other athletes that are very different from one another but get confused for one another because they share a last name.

Jack Hendry is a young player on the rise in Scottish football. The Scottish national team and Belgian First Division A club Club Brugge are his current loanees.

He has previously played for various clubs. The former professional football player and current football coach Colin Hendry is the opposite.

For a variety of reasons, people may be mystified or think they are connected. You’ll learn whether they are connected and receive thorough explanations.

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To learn about Jack Hendry’s Parent’s Details, continue reading the article.

Exploring Jack Hendry And Colin Hendry Relation

There is no relation between Jack Hendrey and Colin Hendrey. Many football fans confuse them because of their many similarities, which is OK. They are in no way related.

They might not have known one another before despite the fact that they are both football players. Both of them are aspiring household names who play professional football for Scotland.

Despite the vast age gap between Jack and Colin, many people think he is the latter’s son. Jack is a 27-year-old center-back for Cremonese in the Italian Serie A.

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Partick Thistle, Wigan Athletic, Dundee, Celtic, and KV Oostende are just a few of his former teams. His parents reared him in Glasgow, and when he was nine years old, he started playing for the Celtic youth team. On the other side, Colin Hendry has experience as both a player and a coach.

Prior to taking over as Blackpool’s manager after retiring, Hendry managed Clyde. Later, before returning to Blackburn as a member of their coaching staff, he worked as Boston United’s assistant manager.

He is 56 years old. He once competed as a sticker and had a 51-cap international career for Scotland. Due to their stark differences, they are in no way linked.

Details On Jack Hendry Parents

On May 7, 1995, Jack was born in Scotland to working-class parents who live simple lives. No additional information has been hinted at on any social media sites, and he himself hasn’t published anything about his parents.

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On social media, Jack hasn’t posted much information about any of his family members. Despite being a very powerful athlete, his current priority is his career. We might hear from him in the future; he is in his mid-20s.

Is Jack Hendry Colin Hendry Son?

Colin Hendry’s son Jack Hendry is not. Despite the fact that it is false, many people think Jack and Colin are connected. People assume they are a family because of their diverse ages and shared last names.

Colin has boys, but he is not Jack. Colin and Denise have four kids together: Rheagan, Kyle, Callum, and Niamh. In addition, Callum, his only child, plays football professionally.

In 2009, Colin’s wife, 43 at the time, passed away from a medical illness. Despite coming from a working-class background and having a shared passion for sports, Jack’s parents fully support their son in pursuing his career.

Since they both have the last name John and are from the same location, it is easy to draw assumptions. Now that Colin has written about it, it is clear that Jack is not Colin’s child and that they are not related.

Meet Colin Hendry Son

Colin Hendry’s son, Callum Hendry, is a young professional footballer who played forward for the EFL league. He started his professional career at Blackburn Rovers, the former team of his father.

He was on loan to non-league Clitheroe during that time. Along with two older siblings named Rheagan and Kyle, Hendry also has a younger sister named Niamh.

Additionally, while being an Englishman by birth, he stated that he does not want to represent them. Callum is continuing in his father’s footsteps even though he will not pursue a career.

In 2022, Callum will be 24 years old, and his football career still has a lot for him to learn and accomplish.

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