“It’s A Chicken Salad” On TikTok: How To Do The “It’s A Chicken Salad” TikTok Trend?

“It’s A Chicken Salad” is a new viral video on TikTok that is gaining hundreds and thousand of likes and views.

Many people have earned fame on the Tiktok for the most unusual reasons, in addition to traditional methods like singing, dancing, and acting in skits.

On the app, users have gained fame for a variety of things, including hilarious situations, peculiar trends, peculiar face expressions, and many other things.

Anyone who has used TikTok for a while shouldn’t be shocked that a straightforward, informal advertisement for chicken salad has become famous and gone viral.

It's A Chicken Salad
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What Does “It’s A Chicken Salad” on TikTok Mean?

The sound of a woman talking about chicken salad can be heard in the popular TikTok meme “It’s A Chicken Salad.”

A woman simply describes eating a chicken salad in the audio, along with some of its ingredients and the name of the restaurant where she got it.

She is also encouraging everyone to eat the salad. At first, the sound doesn’t seem strange or even all that distinctive.

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The only person inviting people to eat chicken salad is a woman, an African-American woman with a deadpan accent. People have recently begun using this sound on TikTok, acting it out, and making comments about it.

When one examines the original video, they will learn that it has evolved into the latest app viral meme and that its origins are even more routine and ordinary than they could have anticipated.

TikTok’s original video for “It’s A Chicken Salad”

Only a woman eating chicken salad and raving about how good it is can be seen in the original video that gave rise to the “It’s a Chicken Salad” meme.

An African American woman named Nisha Godfrey went to the East 81st Deli one day to purchase some lunch.

There was her favorite place to hang out and she had frequented it.

Wael Hebawi, the deli’s owner, decided to swiftly TikTok her order because she seemed to like it.

Hebawi questioned Godfrey in the video over her diet and food source. She responded by making a noise that immediately became well-known.

Due to a single TikTok, the deli’s business has greatly increased, and Godfrey has accumulated over 160K followers on her TikTok page.

How To Do The “It’s A Chicken Salad” TikTok Trend?

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During the trend, people used sound to proclaim their support for a certain cuisine or the support of another person.

A user who talked about receiving her protein from a whole rotisserie chicken used the sound to play beneath the video in another practice instance.

Even celebrities have started to adopt the style, as Lizzo demonstrated by employing the sound to advertise another restaurant.

This is one illustration of TikTok’s unpredictability in terms of what will go viral or become famous.

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