Last night, Kansas City Chiefs running back Isiah Pacheco made his team debut. 

Even if he might not have one just now, we can expect him to have one by the end of the year. Pacheco, 5 feet 10 inches tall, impressed Kansas’s scouts with a 40-yard sprint time of 4.37 seconds.

Kansas made the decision to move up in the draft to acquire him this year as a result. On Sunday night, Isiah Pacheco wowed the crowd by carrying the ball 12 times for 62 yards, including a touchdown.

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Who Is Isiah Pacheco? His Wikipedia Bio

Isiah Pacheco, a running back for the Kansas City Chiefs, made his NFL debut for the two-time champion team on September 11. Isiah started his career as a football player for Vineland High School before switching to Rutgers University.

Prior to making his debut, the Chiefs running back attracted attention for his performance in the training camps. His hard ethic and quickness have always made an impression on others.

Along with his five siblings, Isiah was raised in Bridgeton, Michigan, by his parents. In his hometown, the 23-year-old is known as Pop, a moniker he acquired while participating in football leagues for Vineland midgets.

Isiah guided the Fighting Clan to their first consecutive winning season since 1990–1991 in 2017. Pacheco enrolled at Rutgers University in 2018 on a football scholarship for NCAA Division I.

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But before he could celebrate starting at Rutgers, a family tragedy struck. On September 20, 2017, a gunman opened fire on Celeste Pacheco at her Millville home.

Only three months ago, Pacheco assisted his sister in moving into the neighborhood. Isiah Pacheco, the youngest of the five Pacheco siblings, was chosen by the Kansas City Chiefs after impressing scouts with a 40-yard dash time of 4.37 seconds.

Before switching to running back, Isiah precious competed for Vineland as a quarterback. In his first game, Pacheco gained six yards on two rushes, five yards on a reception, and 37 yards on a kickoff return.

After the game, Pacheco claimed he felt normal and secure in his ability to carry out the coaches’ instructions.

Meet Isiah Pacheco Parents

Felicia Cannon and Julio Pacheco welcomed Isiah Pacheco into the world on March 2, 1999. Isiah was the fifth kid raised by his parents.

Felicia Cannon raised Isiah Cannon, the youngest kid, with all the love and care in the world. The mother of five has already gone through a lot of bad luck.

Before she lost her daughter Celeste in September 2019, she had to deal with the loss of her son Travoise Cannon, who was stabbed.

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Felicia recalled an incident from her son Isiah’s youth in which he had a penchant for borrowing toys from his pals. Felicia said he wouldn’t have been permitted to just take the items from other kids.

Being the youngest in the family, Isiah would annoy his older siblings, who would then indulge him. Julio Pacheco, Isiah Pacheco’s father, frequently goes to his son’s athletic events. Isiah claims he seeks advice from his parents.

Isiah now faces Kansas teammates Clyde Edwards-Helaire, and Jerick McKinnon as the Chief adjusts to life without their former star player Tyreek Hill.

Ethnicity Of Isiah Pacheco

Isiah Pacheco, who is of African American origin, was raised in Bridgeton. The running back later moved to New Jersey when he signed with Vineland Football. Tavaris, Isiah’s late brother, pushed him to continue playing football.

At Vineland, Isiah began to alter physically as he understood the importance of maintaining top physical condition at all times if he wanted to play his best.

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His family was overjoyed when he was selected to start as quarterback for Vineland as a freshman. Isiah was adored by his teammates for his passion and drive.

At Vineland, Isiah was appointed captain, a position he held for four years. He made an impression on everyone in 2018 after enrolling at Rutgers. As a result of his success at Rutgers, the Kansas City Chiefs began to inquire about signing him.

Who Is Isiah Pacheco Girlfriend?

On the basis of his social media usernames, Isiah Pacheco does not seem to be dating anyone. The Kansas City Chiefs running back, who is new to the NFL, will probably aim to make a name for himself before getting romantically involved.

Isiah, often known as Pop, made his NFL debut on August 13 with great success. The former Vineland quarterback has drawn attention since 2018.

After impressing a Kansas scout during the game against Delaware in 2021, the Rookie’s future now seems more promising than ever.

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The running back had earlier stated that he didn’t want to become an adult who looks back and regrets that they could have done something differently.

Isiah wants to give it his all on the field for his family, older sister, and brother in order to honor them and his family.

With such a great mentality, Isiah will unquestionably become the best player in the NFL one day, and he’ll undoubtedly have the experience by then.

Salary And Net Worth Of Isiah Pacheco

As a rookie running back for the Kansas City Chief in 2022, Isiah Pacheco made between $800,000 and $1 million, which added to his riches.

Isiah will earn $705,000 a year because that is the base salary for the rookie pool or first-year cap figure, according to CBS.

Isiah will receive a 25% wage raise every four years until the end of his contract with the Kansas City Chief in 2025.

The teams may exercise the fifth-year contract with first-round picks, but only after the third year.

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  1. I became interested in football just this year (actually, 2022) and while I like so many others were absolutely taken with Patrick Mahomes, I
    found myself increasingly aware of Pacheco and found myself riveted by his speed and agility. Why weren’t more people noticing him and/or
    commenting him on his skills? Every game I saw him in he became more exciting to watch. Looking him up on line enabled me to learn more
    about him and his family and background. Truly, I have become a fan of his and would like to see others comment on his playing style.
    Bravo Isiah Pacheco — stay well and keep on with your style!

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