Is Thomas Rhett Related To Trace Adkins? His Siblings And Family Details

The American musician Thomas Rhett is the child of singer Rhett Akins and Paige Braswell. Check if he is related to fellow musician Trace Adkins from the United States.

Due to his father’s training, the 32-year-old, who has five studio albums to his name, has created success after the smash. After four Grammy Award nominations, few can question his reputation in the field, as he has made his father proud.

He was raised in Nashville, Tennessee, surrounded by famous musicians before quitting school at the age of 20 to pursue a career in music.

Thank goodness Big Machine Label Group recognized his talent and offered him the chance to compose music for their artists.

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Is Thomas Rhett Related To Trace Adkins?

Trace Adkins, a multi-Platinum country performer, and Thomas Rhett, a country musician, are unrelated.

They only share last names despite working in the same fraternity since the man has more than 25 years of expertise in chart-topping hits with fearless honesty.

He always regarded himself as a lone wolf, and his capacity for original thought led to numerous Grammy nominations. He was raised in Louisiana, an ethnically diverse state.

He began working in the industry in 1996, placing 14 songs in the Billboard Top 10 and collaborating with musicians like Stevie Wonder on harmonica, Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, and Snoop Dogg, to mention a few.

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Even though he is at the top of his game and has undisputed control over his domain, he is content with his achievements and thinks there is still much work to be done.

Since the release of songs like Heartbreak Song, Where I Am Today, and Careful Girl, listeners have been singing along to them nonstop, and his smooth, rich, and intense voice is the secret to his ongoing popularity.

Thomas Rhett Siblings: Who Is His Brother Or Sister?

In addition to having half-brothers on both sides of her family, Kasey Akins is the younger sister of Georgia Thomas Rhett.

On March 13, Brody James Akins, the first child of the singer’s father Rhett and his new wife Sonya Mansfield, was born, making the 30-year-old musician a big brother.

He unexpectedly arrived a month after Thomas and his wife welcomed their nephew, Lennon Love Akins.

He does have a close relationship with his family because he is the father of two girls named Willa Gray and Ada James Akins.

Tyler Lankford, a little sibling born from his mother’s marriage, has chosen to enter the spotlight in the interim.

The family gathers during the Christmas season after taking extended vacations.

Thomas Rhett Family Details

Thomas Rhett was born to multi-award-winning musician Rhett Akins and his wife, Paige Lankford. Regrettably, they broke up when he was just nine years old since they later married new partners and had further children.

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Since she detested it, his mother forced him to vow that he wouldn’t pursue Akins’ profession.

The vow was always meant to be broken because he continued to share his father’s passion for music.

His skills could not be suppressed; he had played the drums since junior high and had accompanied his father on stage.

As his musical abilities improved and he began to compose his songs in high school, he was welcomed into the High Heeled Flip Flops school band.

Years later, he found a successful career in music when he invited his grandfather to perform at a Grand Ole Opry event that was sold out.

In a once-in-a-lifetime performance, Thomas, 31, and Rhett, 51, sang 1990s tunes with his newest single, What’s Your Country.

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