The Hallmark movie The Way Home is not based on a book. A family with three generations of mothers and daughters is the subject of this made-up tale.

It is the first Hallmark original series of 2023, and it premiered on January 15 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT. In the series, three women face the sad parts of their family history.

For Hallmark lovers, this multigenerational drama about the lives of the Landry family women fills the void left by Chesapeake Shores and Good Witch.

Even while this is a bit darker than some Hallmark viewers may expect, the lighter parts wonderfully offset the darker ones. Also, it does involve going back in time, but not in the Way that time-travel logic is always right.

Is The Way Home On Hallmark A Real Story?
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Is The Way Home On Hallmark A Real Story?

The Way Home is a fictional story that is not based on a book. It depicts a family whose connections are convoluted and involves time travel.

The story, set in the small Canadian hamlet of Port Haven, introduces viewers to Alice, Kat Landry’s 15-year-old daughter, who eventually gets to meet Del.

The drama incorporates a hint of the paranormal along with well-known Hallmark clichés. Alice discovers a pond next to her grandmother’s property that enables her to travel back in time as she struggles to adjust to her new life and deal with her parent’s divorce.

She imagines having the chance to return to 1999, just before an occurrence that would forever alter the Landry family’s lives.

The audience, as well as Alice, is currently still determining the precise mechanics of the pond portal. The opening sequence, however, gives the impression that the Landry ladies have been using the miraculous pond for a very long time.

The first four episodes are already accessible for viewing, and the pond’s regulations will become very clear in the upcoming episodes.

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Andie McDowell And Sadie Laflamme Snow Shine In The Way Home

McDowell, the star of Cedar Cove, plays Del Landry, mother to Kat and grandma to Alice, and she perfectly balances her no-nonsense demeanour and homey tenderness. Her agony remains acute despite years of trying to cope with terrible suffering.

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Alice’s mother and Del’s daughter, Kat Landry Dhawan, are played by American actress Chyler Leigh. She depicts a stressed-out woman attempting to make amends with her cherished mother while still raising her daughter.

Young actress Sadie Laflamme-Snow plays Alice Dhawan, a teen who learns she can travel through time. She conveys a good deal of the snarky teen attitude that her character uses to mask her more vulnerable side.

The Way Home includes some intriguing supporting performers, including Evan Williams, Kateam O’Connor, Alex Hook, Jefferson Brown, and Al Mukadam, among others, even if the three Landry ladies are the show’s main characters.

Recently, Kat and her spouse divorced, and she was further let off from her work. In addition, her teenage daughter was expelled from Minneapolis’ only school.

She then visits her mother and takes her daughter back to Port Haven, Canada. The mother-daughter reunion brings up a family tragedy that caused them to be estranged ten years prior.

Her young daughter discovers that a pond close to the farm enables her to travel back to 1999, just before the catastrophe strikes the Landry family, as she is attempting to adjust to her new life in Port Haven.

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