Is Sam Mitchell Pregnant In Real Life?

Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf), a character on the BBC show EastEnders, told her ex-partners Don and Zack Hudson about her pregnancy.

Mitchell is a made-up persona portrayed by English actress Kim Louise Medcalf. Unfortunately, Sam’s suffering appears to be continuing on EastEnders.

The Schemer and Zack Hudson had more dramatic news on the BBC soap opera. After her wild year in Albert Square, she has some unexpected information for Zack, and the episode’s plot for the relationship may become complicated.

Sam Mitchell
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Is Sam Mitchell Pregnant In Real Life?

Sam Mitchell has been mum about her actual pregnancy. She is expecting on the program, but it hasn’t yet been disclosed if Zack is the father. On the other hand, Sam’s pregnancy was revealed to Don.

She and Zack Hudson talked about the news (James Farrar). The character is shocked to learn the news and is given time to think about it.

Zack abandoned Sam when he observed Jack and Sam sharing an inebriated kiss. He refused to help her even after she asked him to.

Dom offered his ex-partner an excellent performance at the bar as a result. When Sam’s ex-boyfriend, who was trying to win her back, dropped to his knees, she was taken aback.

Images Source: radiotimes

However, she had a startling confession to make to Don: she was expecting. As a result, the revelation seemed to have shocked Zack.

Sam Mitchell announces her pregnancy on The EastEnders

Sam’s pregnancy in EastEnders was revealed to Zack and Don. The information shocked him. It might also be an original way for Sam to get help with her financial problems. Already, she had taken money from Ronnie and lied to him.

The main character had a son from a previous union. Peggy visited the prisoner and learned that Sam was pregnant. But Sam had a dilemma: who was the father?

Sam was already engaged to Ricky when Jack Branning, Ronnie’s (Samantha Janus) fiancee, was engaged to Ronnie ( Scott Maslen). However, the engagement is canceled once Ricky learns the truth from Bianca.

The persona returned to Walford after finishing her jail sentence because she wanted to be with Ricky. Ricky and Jack asked Sam to submit to a paternity test. She made a false claim, saying Ricky was Richard’s father.

Later, when Bianca learned the truth, Sam admitted that she had lied to cover for Ronnie. She even gave Sam some money, forcing her to leave Walford.

Sam Mitchell’s Married Life and Husband

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Medcalf has two children and is married. She has two children with her hubby. Despite keeping her personal affairs quiet, the actress lives with her husband Simon, and their two children.

Simon, the guy Medcalf had been married to for several years, was publicly pictured with her in 2013. The pair at the Playhouse Theatre in London saw a special Spamalot performance.

She married Andy Hunter in 2004, although their union only lasted a few years. Once she found out what he really wanted with Andy in 2005, it was the end of their relationship.

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