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Lala Baptiste is a well-known American model and social media influencer. In addition, she is famous for dating American rapper Lil Tjay. The popular YouTube channel and Instagram account of the social media sensation.

Lil Tjay is an American rapper and singer. With the help of his song “Resume,” he gained notoriety in 2018, and later that year, he joined Columbia Records. His stage name is a combination of the first letter and the first three letters of his middle name.

In 2016, Tjay began posting music to SoundCloud. When Merritt was 16 years old, he released “Resume,” one of his earliest songs, and it quickly gained popularity online.

Who Is Lil Tjay Wife, Lala Baptiste?

On social media, Lala Baptiste is a well-known personality known for being a well-liked Instagram model. Her official account, @lalatheislandgal, has more than 1.1 million followers, and she is highly known on Instagram for her modelling pictures.

Lil Tjay, a rapper, and she are in a relationship. The two are secretive about their connection, though. They are thought to have met in 2019.

Baptiste is also well-liked on TikTok, where her @lalatheislandgal account has more than 63k fans and about 603k likes. Additionally, she is engaged on the website Onlyfans, where she provides consumers access to exclusive information.

Baptiste debuted on Instagram in 2016. Her beautiful modelling photos drew the attention of the public. Baptiste debuted her own YouTube channel in June 2017. With a video titled “Wig Review clip,” she made her debut in 2019.

Baptiste posts various content on her channel, including vlogs, challenge videos, Q&A pieces, tutorials, hauls, and storytime movies.

Lil Tjay Net Worth

According to Wealthy Gorilla, Lil Tjay’s estimated net worth is about $600K. On April 30, 2001, Tione Jayden Merritt gave birth to Lil Tjay.

After being detained for one of his robberies at 15, he began creating raps while serving a year in a juvenile detention center.

While there, he released “Resume,” one of his most well-known songs. One of Merritt’s early tracks, “Resume,” was released when he was 16 years old, and it quickly became viral online. A single mother raised him with his two younger brothers in a “roomy” apartment.

Because he routinely engaged in little thefts and fights at school, Merritt referred to himself as the troublesome child among the three.

Is Rapper Lil Tjay Dead?

On Tuesday, June 21, 2022, at night in New Jersey, American musician Lil Tjay was shot many times. However, Lil Tjay was shot for the first time on Wednesday, according to TMZ.

After being shot, the young artist currently has an emergency procedure, according to the report.
Tjay was shot in Edgewater, New Jersey, just after midnight, according to police officials reported by TMZ.

According to information acquired by, there were two shooting places, one of which was a neighbouring Chipotle restaurant and the other of which was an Exxon gas station.

According to the report, the victim at Exxon was shot just once, whereas the person at Chipotle was shot many times. We hope the rapper has a successful procedure and a quick recovery.

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