Lamar Jackson Sr. and Felicia Jones raised Lamar Jackson as a child.

He is a quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens in the National Football League. He has spent five seasons as a member of this team.

The athlete started his high school career at Santaluces High in Lantana, Florida, but departed after his first year. He was the last first-round choice of the 2018 NFL Draft, taken by the Ravens.

The accomplishments of the Maxwell Award, Heisman Memorial Trophy, and Walter Camp Award in 2016 are among Lamar Jackson’s career-high points.

Is Lamar Jackson's Mother Felicia Jones, His Agent?: Find Lamar Jackson's Wife, Siblings, Family, And Children Details
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From this article, let’s learn more about Lamar Jackson’s parents and career details.

Is Lamar Jackson’s Mother Felicia Jones, His Agent?

According to CBSSPORTS.COM, Lamar Jackson is his agent rather than his mother. Some websites also point out that his mother, rather than an agent, is the one who represents him.

The guy, who is one of the NFL players not represented by a conventional sports agent, stands out for managing the situation on his own.

The New York Times claims that Lamar Jackson has hired advisors to hash out the agreements, exclusions, restrictions, and trade-offs in his contracts, including his mother, Felicia Jones.

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Instead of referring to his mother as his agent, he stated in one of his interviews that she was his manager. In addition, he will review his rookie contract with a lawyer rather than an agent.

Lamar Jackson’s Wife And Children Details

Although Lamar Jackson has kept his partner or wife’s identity a mystery, this is not the case with his daughter Lani.

When celebrating his daughter Milan’s first birthday, the quarterback once gave fans a peek inside his personal life. The delighted father shared priceless pictures to commemorate the joyous event on his Instagram story.

Lamar Jackson tweeted that he must have a son but would wait till August 2022 to proclaim his desire to become a father.

Details On Lamar Jackson’s Siblings And Family

Lamar Jackson has a brother called Jamar Jackson, who was happy to see Lamar receive the chance to play professionally.

On the eve of the 2018 NFL Draft, the NFL player received a unique message from his younger brother. In a video, Jamar claimed that ever since they were children, he had understood that Lamar was excellent.

The brothers played and constantly battled as they got older until high school. Lamar is excellent, said Jamar, who expressed his love and adoration for him.

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Jamar added that he would be lost without Lamar and wouldn’t know what to do. The former gets lonely and longs to chat with Lamar whenever the latter is gone.

Lamar’s sibling also mentioned that he would never forget how they played football growing up, whether inside or outside, in the youth league or now in the NFL, and that he could see Lamar earning a spot in the Hall of Fame in the future.

However, 2005 was challenging for the Jackson family due to the untimely deaths of two family members (their dad and grandmom). Lamar Jackson has a particular place in his heart for his family.

Lamar Jackson’s Net Worth Explored

According to Celebrity Networth, Lamar Jackson’s net worth is around $4 million.

According to reports, he recently turned down a $250 million contract extension offer because he wanted a fully guaranteed agreement.

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