Is Footasylum Locked In On Sundays – What Is New In Season 3?

Footasylum Locked is back with its third season, ready to keep us delighted on Sundays and at night.

To choose the recipient of the £10,000 cash award, ten designers must complete daily tasks while confined to a house without WiFi. However, things are going to become nasty when ten innovators live together and compete with one another.

There are all-new challenges, shocks, and housemates in Season 3. Ten creatives compete in a 14-day series of projects to determine who can earn $10,000. Every night at 7, a brand-new episode of Locked In Season 3 will premiere.

Footasylum promotes streetwear through film creation. But, to put it gently, the show’s unusual concept also plays a part in its rising popularity.

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Is Footasylum Locked In On Sundays – What Is New In Season 3?

In the Footasylum episode “Locked In,” ten YouTube stars are held captive in a home for two weeks. The general people will only be able to communicate with celebrities via social media, mobile devices, or other channels. To get points, they take part in challenges. There will be prominent socialites on the agenda.

The idea was finished in 2020 with the Covid 19 pandemic. However, since season one was so successful, season two was immediately launched, and season three is presently under production.

The show’s first episode debuted on November 4, 2020, and new episodes continued to air every day at 7 PM on Footasylum’s YouTube channel. There were prominent celebrities like Mike and Eloise Mitchell.

Mike, an 18-year-old YouTuber specialising in beauty and fashion, rose to fame for his comedy work thanks to his Snapchat series “PAMPANA,” in which he answered his followers’ questions lightheartedly.

Popular YouTube and TikTok users are imprisoned for two weeks as part of the Footasylum campaign Locked In. It has a lot of Big Brother undertones because the competitors are cut off from their phones, social media, and the rest of the outside world.

To get points, the influencers participate in challenges. JMX and Bambino Becky were in the cast in the first season. Season three of the show now features our queen GK Barry and a few other well-known stars. Millie T and Anastasia Kingsnorth were featured in season two.

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Meet The Stars Confined To Footasylum

It’s time for you to see Chip, GK Barry, Kate Elisabeth, Night Scape, Max Khadar, Rachel Bada, Billy the Goat, Olivia Rae Weedall, Ilyas, and Destdol locked up in a luxurious mansion.


English YouTuber Josh Larkin, often known as TheBurntChip online, was born on July 13, 1994. His football challenges, vlogs, and the Fellas podcast have made him most well-known. On his second YouTube channel, Yung Chip, he posts Fortnite videos that have a fan base. He currently makes his home in London, England.

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His debut video was made available on January 12, 2014. Initially, he frequently worked on FIFA 14 videos alongside fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib. He attended Eurogamer Birmingham in March 2014. Then he debuted his first video, EUROGAMER BIRMINGHAM VLOG!! – With YouTubers!, which included REEV and MaxPlays.

GK Barry

GK Grace Keeling, a.k.a. TikTok star Barry, 22, is well known for leading a wild and relatable lifestyle while attending school. She created a TikTok account and started posting little vlogs and tales to showcase her everyday activities while the Covid-19 ban was in place, which is how the social media superstar first gained notoriety.

Grace branded her account with the last name of her best friend in an effort to be anonymous and low-profile. Grace, however, quickly gained a sizable fan base. Five months after opening her account, in August 2020, she had amassed 100,000 followers.

Kate Elisabeth

The YouTube videos of British internet phenomenon Kate Elisabeth are what makes her so popular. She regularly publishes films on lifestyle, travel, and the beauty industry on her channel.

Every Sunday, she creates engaging stuff and posts it online. She also works on entertaining videos with other well-known social media stars. Kate gained popularity on other social media sites including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat as a result of her YouTube videos. She also participates in the well-known social shopping platform Depop, where she offers products for sale at reasonable costs.

Elisabeth, who now resides in the UK, hopes to exceed all English social media stars one day.


Harry Gallagher is a 25-year-old English YouTuber from London who goes by the names Night Scape or Nightscape. He was born on July 5, 1997. His literature is primarily on urban exploration, which involves climbing towering buildings.

When Gallagher was eleven years old, he created his first YouTube channel. Freerunning and parkour were included in the bulk of the videos. He started his current channel in 2014. A video named SNEAKING INTO NEW WEST HAM STADIUM was released on September 30, 2016. The outcome of the video’s quick social media popularity is his most popular video, which has had 6.4 million views as of January 2018.

Gallagher has been detained several times throughout his travels, and major UK media sites have written a great deal about him.

Max Khadar

Popular TikTok user well-known for uploading encounters on Omegle with odd people. maker of humorous material He frequently acts outrageously for comic effect.

On the platform, he has more than 2.7 million fans. In 2021, he went to see the global premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home. In 2022, he worked with YouHodler.

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In August 2020, he made his TikTok debut with a ridiculous lip-sync duet video.

Olivia Weedall

Olivia plays freestyle football and makes movies. Her TikTok videos have received more than 2.3 million likes. In addition, she regularly performs odd juggling tricks in prepared photos and videos for her publications.

Because of her material, she currently has more than 157,000 Instagram followers. She created her first Instagram account in November 2012.

Due to her fantastic juggling stunts and educational trick movies, Liv is at the top of the North-football West creators. But, will she face the same sort of backlash LDN Movements did while they were locked in the house the previous year?

Where Can I Watch Footasylum Locked Season Three?

The program is free and fairly simple to watch. New episodes will debut on the Footasylum YouTube channel every day at 7 p.m. Another choice is to vote online. It premiered on November 2.

The third season of Footasylum Locked In has officially premiered, and the cast is well-known. However, if you have yet to watch it, you probably don’t know how it operates; as an alternative, think of Big Brother with TikTok and YouTuber influencers. The rules, how to watch Footasylum Locked In, and if a monetary prize will be given are all described here.

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