Ben Weinstein, a member of the cast of My Unorthodox Life, is not related to Harvey Weinstein, a former American film producer. They both come from the Jewish community, though.

Ben and Harvey were raised in a Jewish household. The reality star is best known as the ex-husband of Batsheva Haart, who was raised in Monsey, New York, and is an Orthodox Jew.

Nevertheless, after marrying Ben, she disassociated herself from society. Ben and his ex-wife shared the same upbringing and social environment as children. Ben attended a traditional school as well.

Is Ben Weinstein Related To Harvey Weinstein?
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Is Ben Weinstein Related To Harvey Weinstein?

Except for sharing a surname, Ben and Harvey are unrelated. Even though they both hail from New York City, their families don’t have similarities.

The reality star was born in Monsey, New York, whereas the former film producer was born in Queens, New York City.

Harvey Weinstein was raised in affluence, and his father, Max Weinstein, worked as a diamond cutter. His mother, Miriam, passed away in 2016. Their family is Jewish, and both religions are considered.

The producer’s maternal grandparents did leave Poland, though. He only has one younger brother, Bob, and he is the only one.

Harver grew up in a New York City housing cooperative alongside his sibling. Ben’s relatives include Jen Weinstein, Wendy Weinstein Darrow, Bonnye Garman, and Avi Weinstein.

Harvey later got his high school diploma from John Bowne and went to the State University of New York at Buffalo. In the interim, Ben enrolled in Mercy College and later earned a Bachelor of Science (BS) from Ueshiva Ohr Gedolah.

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In the 1970s, Harvey co-founded Harvey & Corky Productions with his younger brother, Corky Burger, and they organized rock concerts in Buffalo. According to a report, Ben Affleck was reportedly on Harvey’s red flag list in 2020.

Harvey’s first marriage to his assistant Eve Chilton produced three daughters. Ruth, Remy, and Emma are his children. Later, he and the actress Georgina Chapman welcomed two more children, a son and a daughter.

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Who Is Ben Weinstein From My Unorthodox Life?

Ben is a cast member of the Netflix documentary My Unorthodox Life, which chronicles Ben’s mother-in-law Julia Haart’s personal and professional life.

To live her own life, she left the ancestral Jewish community. They discussed the limitations imposed by his religion and contemporary society in the show.

Ben has also identified Batsheva Haart, Julia’s eldest daughter, as his ex-husband. Over almost ten years, the couple enjoyed a happy marriage. But in November 2021, after nine years of marriage, they announced their divorce.

When they were teenagers, Ben and Bat began dating. They pushed their parents to approve of their marriage as a result.

When Bat was just 19, they married, and her mother abandoned the orthodox lifestyle. Batsheva and her mother did not speak to one another after the wedding.

Yosef Hendler, Miriam Haart, Aron Hendler Haart, and Shlomo Hendler Haart also appeared with Ben. Thanks to 3BMG and Jeff Jenkins Productions, the show first aired in the United States on July 14, 2021.

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Ben’s life outside the program might not be depicted in the Netflix reality series. For five months, he worked as the operations coordinator for his mother-in-law in the Greater New York City area. He created operational processes and regulations while working as an assistant manager.

Following that, Ben worked for two and a half years as Director of Logistics at USA Supply Source in Mosey, New York, where he kept track of stock inventory levels.

He joined Real NY in May 2017 as a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson after leaving Monsey and the Orthodox lifestyle. Ben is a real estate agent and an online sales rep for USA Supply Source at the moment.

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