Tiny Hightower, an American actress and singer, gave birth to Amber Riley. Amber was born into a family of business owners, but she has chosen to focus on music instead.

Her parents are Tiny Riley and Elwin Riley. It has been verified that she recently appeared in The Masked Singer as Harp’s sidekick.

Fans of The Masked Singer claim that Glee actress Amber Riley is the owner of the Harp outfit.

Fans expected that Amber would wear the outfit before the season began. They believed that Amber’s voice and physical appearance fit the participant in The Masked Singer.

Amber Riley
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Amber Riley’s mother Tiny Hightower

Elwin Riley and Tiny Hightower welcomed Amber Riley into the world in California. She was raised in a strong Christian environment and was born in Los Angeles on February 15, 1986.

She is currently 36 years old. Elwin Riley and Tiny Hightower Riley, Riley’s parents, are both employed as stay-at-home moms. Elwin Riley works as a businessman.

Toiya and Ashley, her two older sisters, are also a blessing to her. When Riley was 17 years old and a contestant in the second season, the show’s producers rejected her audition for American Idol.

Amber and her father have an excellent relationship, and on Father’s Day, Amber posted an Instagram photo of the two of them to wish her father a Happy Father’s Day. Many of her followers have expressed their appreciation for the father-daughter relationship in their remarks.

Is Amber Riley Harp a singer?

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Many fans of “The Masked Singer” agree on two things: 1) Ken Jeong makes mistakes often, and 2) Amber Riley is definitely the Harp from season 8.

Viewers knew the Glee star was donning a spectacular costume before the season started because of her voice.

Additionally, the notions surrounding Amber Riley have become more complex now that the show has three episodes’ worth of hints and performances.

One of the first things Season 8 of The Masked Singer viewers saw was the Harp outfit. She was the first participant of the season to expose their voice, and fans heard her sing for the first time in another trailer.

Fans had previously speculated that Amber was donning the disguise before the season even started. They felt that the contestant’s voice and physical characteristics mirrored Amber’s.

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