Like Dota or League of Legends, Smite is a free online multiplayer game. Players can assume the roles of several polytheistic gods in the game.

In Smite, the characters are gods from many different mythologies, such as Hindu, Chinese, Japanese, Mayan, Chinese, Greek, and Roman.

Most of the game’s abilities are ground targets known as “skill shots,” which are seen from a third-person perspective (TTP). Smite offers a variety of standard modes in addition to a daily MOTD that changes.

With a big map, three lanes, and five players on each side in a 5v5 match, the Conquest mode functions as the gods are balanced.

About game modes, Clash is a 5v5 game with two lanes, Joust is a 3v3 game on one street, Arena is a 5v5 game in an arena, and Siege is a 4v4 game with two lanes.

Smite and League of Legends share a lot of comparable game items. The last-hitting feature is also marginally intriguing and helpful, but optional.

Both magic and physical gods gain power with time, and game goods have progressions fixed to a particular deity.

Smite is precisely similar to Dota in terms of movement and game strategy. There are no bushes, a high-skill cap, and the gameplay talents have a significant impact on how combat plays out.

The players must learn to take advantage of the TTP view and the Smite map while playing. Due to its speedy nature, Smite is a highly fast-paced game akin to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and StarCraft.

The game is the first of its kind, an actual multiplayer online combat arena (MOBA) from the TTP perspective, and it’s new enough to draw players away from more established MOBAs like League Of Legends or Dota.

The primary goal of the game mode is to acquire experience to level up and gain gold as a bonus to purchase items, after which you attack the other team’s towers, phoenixes, and titans.

There is one titan, three phoenixes, and six buildings on each squad. Titan is comparable to the chess queen, the most potent piece.

Insights On Smite Gods Tier List

Explained Best Smite Gods Tier List

Best Smite Gods Tiers are classes created by online players that determine a character’s strength level. The MOBA has continued to enjoy success due to the game’s ongoing addition of new features, gods, and experiences.

Here is an explanation of the best Smite god tier list in light of that. The most substantial level of SMITE is Tier SS. Before the character pick phase, gods’ characters are nearly outlawed, but they have access to far more abilities if they make it through. They are the game’s most elite professionals.

The characters of Gods in Tier S are marginally less potent than those in Tier SS, but they can still contend with other Gods’ personalities. Depending on the game, characters in this Tier S’s Gods category may also get nerfed or go through other changes.

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God’s creations are reliable and secure choices in Tier A. Characters from Smite Gods can still play a lot and are hardly ever banned. With so many Gods characters in Tier A categories, players will have access to tournaments and competitive gaming.

Tier B: At this level, Tier B gods’ personalities are good if you use them for their particular purposes; they also offer valuable team support. Characters in Tier B have no additional power.

Tier B Gods can be used to win the game if the team’s gameplay and strategy are well-planned.Tier C: In SMITE, skilled players can get away with employing heroes from Tier C Gods. These Gods are weaker for gameplay and less competitive.

Tier D commonly referred to as “D-list celebs,” is the least proficient tier in the game. God’s characters in this one are the least useful compared to other tiers. God characters are divided into distinct tiers according to their strength and level of playability.

If you’re having difficulties deciding or want to know which gods are regarded as top-tier, this Tier list can assist you in choosing which god characters you should play.

Based on solo-ranked queue performance, the Gods character rating method is employed below. Due to the synergy with teammates’ choices, you might consider using various gods if you play on a team.

The list of top Smite gods characters is as follows:

Level SS

1. Agni

2. Bastet

3. Cthulhu

4. Lancelot

5. Maui

6. Odin

7. Olorun

8. Set

9. Tsukuyomi

10. Yemoja

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Level S

1. Ah Puch

2. Ao Kuang

3. Apollo

4. Ares

5. Athena

6. Bakasura

7. Change

8. Freya

9. Guan Yu

10. Geb

11. Hades

12. Heimdallr

13. Hera

14. Isis (Eset)

15. Jing Wei

16. Kali

17. Kukulkan

18. Merlin

19. Mulan

20. Ratatoskr

21. Susano

22. Thor

23. Tyr

24. Ullr

25. Yu Huang

26. Zeus

Level A

1. Arachne

2. Atlas

3. Baba Yaga

4. Cerberus

5. Baron Samedi

6 . Chiron

7. Cliodhna

8. Cu Chulainn

9. Da ji

10. Danzaburou

11. Discordia

12. Erlang Shen

13. Fenrir

14. Ganesha

15. Gilgamesh

16. Hercules

17. Hou Yi

18. Ishtar

19. Janus

20. King Arthur

21. Morgan le fay

22. Khepri

23. Kumbhakarna

24. Ne Zha

25. Pele

26. Persephone

27. Rama

28. Ravana

29. Shiva

30. Terra

31. Tiamat

32. Thoth

33. Vamana

34. Vulcan

35. Xbalanque

36. Zhong Kui

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Level B

1. Achilles

2. Anhur

3. Aphrodite

4. Bellona

5. Cabrakan

6. Cernunnos

7. Chernobog

8. Chronos

9. Cupid

10. Hachiman

11. He bo

12. Horus

13. Hun Batz

14. Izanami

15. Medusa

16. Mercury

17. Neith

18. Nemesis

19. Ra

20. Scylla

21. Serqet

22. Sobek

23. Sol

24. Sun Wukong

25. Sylvanus

26. The Morrigan

27. Xing Tian

Level C

1. Ah Muzen Cab

2. Amaterasu

3. Anubis

4. Artemis

5. Artio

6. Awilix

7. Bacchus

8. Camazotz

9. Charybdis

10. Chaac

11. Fafnir

12. Hel

13. Jormungandr

14. Kuzenbo

15. Nike

16. Nox

17. Nu Wa

18. Osiris

19. Poseidon

20. Raijin

21. Skadi

22. Thanatos

23. Ymir

Level D


Is League Of Legends Superior To Smite?

In the esports community, Smite is less well-liked than League of Legends. When compared to Dota 2 and League of Legends, competitive viewing in Smite is far inferior due to the third-person camera perspective.

In League of Legends, the top-down perspective is identical to playing the game yourself. This improves the experience. In Smite, seeing anything around you, such as side views, is much more challenging because you are playing in the third person (TTP).

Additionally, Smite must incorporate a gyroscope function into the game. While in top-down games like LOL and Dota, you can always see everything around you, including your character, champion, and god.

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Has Smite Got A Future In ESport?

Undoubtedly, Smite will host more competitions in the future. These are the current official teams’ logos. Since 2015, they have participated in tournaments and live-streamed them on YouTube and Twitch.

The game’s promotion must heavily involve the internet gaming community. It is time for more expert online gaming organizations to step up and spread the word about this game on their social media channels. To survive in the market, some criteria are crucial, such as:

1. Streaming

2. Guides

3. Interaction

4. Engagement

No gaming community or video game studio can do well without the work of its players or members. League of Legends has a considerably larger global player base.

Steam is a supporter of DOTA 2. Although Smite is a good MOBA, its name must be recognized outside the gaming community. The study of SMITE games based on user engagements is shown in the graph above.

Smite grew by about 1600 players and 19.70% in December 2022. SMITE is superior to other online games for the following reasons:

1. Action

2. Challenge

3. strategy

There are a few reasons why people might not enjoy the game SMITE, like:

1. Art style

2. Lack of big name

3. Location and ping

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