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Insights On Remi Bader’s Sister, Before And After Weight Gain

  • January 16, 2023
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Remi Bader was raised in an enormous household with her sister Niki Bader. A New York City-based Instagram influencer, Niki Bader. Remi is a well-known TikTok star who

Remi Bader was raised in an enormous household with her sister Niki Bader. A New York City-based Instagram influencer, Niki Bader.

Remi is a well-known TikTok star who gained popularity in 2021. She is known for being a plus-size model and for her practical attire.

Her video gained notoriety for speaking up and denouncing a company that doesn’t sell plus-size clothing.

She also collaborated extensively with well-known companies like Victoria’s Secret and Revolve. Brands can now provide a size assortment in their store thanks to their partnership with Remi.

She used to work as a Partnership Marketing Coordinator before becoming a full-time TikTok user. She was also included in Forbes’ 2023 list of the 30 Under 30 Creators.

Insights On Remi Bader's Sister, Before And After Weight Gain
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Who Is Remi Bader’s Sister?

Niki Bader, Remi Bader’s older sister, resides in New York. Instagram model Niki has a sizable fan base.

She has 12.6k Instagram followers. She travels extensively within the United States and abroad. Due to her residence in New York, she also frequently attends brand events.

She is 29 years old and resides with her licensed realtor fiancé Alex Marks. In Barnes Bay, Anguilla, in August 2022, they exchanged wedding vows.

She shared a photo of her engagement on Instagram and the message, “The moment I wished on my sixth birthday came true.”

Her writing focuses on lifestyle, fashion, travel, and upscale cuisine. Niki just took a European trip with her sister, visiting several nations.

When they were in Italy, they uploaded a photo from Ristorante Hotel Grotta Palazzese. Niki advocates for her little sister and constantly prods her to achieve more.

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Remi clarified in a podcast that there is no argument or envy between them, and he stopped making generalizations.

She also mentioned that she had gotten several messages accusing her of being envious of her older sister since she supports the skinners.

She dispelled the myth and declared them to be close friends. When Niki first began to get followers, she stopped posting about her family and sister on Instagram.

She now writes only on fashion, food, and travel, and her feed is highly professional and consistent with her content.

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Remi Bader Before And After Weight Gain

On the podcast “Not Skinny But Not Fat,” Remi talked candidly about taking diabetes medication.

As it became a popular internet diet, Remi was given the diabetes medication Ozempic. Doctors dubbed her for her pre-diabetic, insulin resistance, and weight gain issues before she became fashionable.

She added that her binge eating worsened when she stopped taking the medications. Following a follow-up visit, the doctor informed her that Ozempic was causing her to believe she wasn’t hungry and had assisted in her weight loss.

However, she did not want to rely on it indefinitely, and after ceasing her medicine, she put on twice as much weight.

She also disclosed that she has enrolled in a treatment program to address her problem because her binge eating is getting worse.

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Through TikTok, she addresses her predicament to her fan and announces that she has joined the facility to recover. She will eat there and participate in all the therapies but won’t be allowed to discuss specifics because of privacy concerns.

Remi believes that she will recover and regain her confidence with counseling and proper care. She added that when the camera is not rolling, she wants to feel as secure as she is in front of it.

After uploading the video, she received enormous support from both her followers and famous people.

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