Both Dorothy Wang and Ezra J. William are renowned socialites who live extravagantly. In May 2022, Wang made his Bling Empire debut.

On January 27, 1988, Dorothy Wang was born to Roger and Vivine Wang as their daughter. Roger Wang is the mastermind behind the $3.5 billion Golden Eagle International Group and serves as its CEO.

Wang initially appeared on television in the E reality show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, where she went on to star throughout the show’s four seasons.

Meanwhile, on September 7, 1989, Ezra was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Williams’s dad is a wealthy property developer in Indonesia.

He spent his formative years in several urban environments, including Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and Singapore.

Ezra is frequently spotted in New York’s affluent companies and has even been on the Instagram reality program Rich Kids.

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Friendship Of Dorothy Wang And Ezra J. Williams

Dorothy Wang and Ezra J. Williams have been close friends since they first met in 2011. There’s nothing more fun for Ezra and Dorothy than matching their clothing.

After meeting each other, Ezra claims their friendship has grown stronger with each passing day. He has described the nature of their friendship as brotherly, sisterly, roommate-like, and accomplice-like.

Ezra and Dorothy are regular fliers often spotted in exotic locations. Two of my best friends and I went to New York Fashion Week in 2016 and saw shows at The Arc and Skylight at Moynihan Station.

Both on the reality programs they’ve been featured on and on Instagram, they’ve chronicled their sartorial adventures all around New York City in a way that’s eerily evocative of Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen.

In August 2020, while Wang was living in Los Angeles and Ezra was in New York, Wang sent Ezra a sweet photo and told him she was missing him.

On Ezra’s birthday in 2021, Wang posted a snapshot of the two of them to Instagram, along with well-wishes for the birthday boy. In the captions, she referred to Ezra as “the most wonderful and pure spirit.”

And in April 2021, Wang posted a picture of herself and her sister wearing identical outfits to Instagram. On the same note, Ezra posted a snapshot of them enjoying Wang’s birthday weekend on January 30, 2022.

Ezra posted a snapshot of himself and his closest buddy Dorothy from the Prabal Gurung Show, gushing about how Dorothy makes him feel like he’s walking on sunshine.

Find Out The Net Worth Of Ezra And J Williams

The combined wealth of Ezra Williams and Dorothy Wang is $10 million. Ezra lives in a four-story townhouse in West Village, provided for by his father’s enormous wealth.

After residing in Los Angeles for three years, Ezra went to NYU in the Big Apple. Before relocating to New York, he admitted that he had always wished to call the Big Apple home.

The Observer has reported that his living area is decked out in Fendi and features framed photos of him and Nicky Hilton. Like how Wang uprooted his life in L.A. and headed for New York City, he too.

In April 2022, she posted photos of her new home on Instagram and said that she had invited the likes of Prabal Gurung, Tina Chen Craig, and Ezra to her housewarming celebration.

She recently moved into a fancy loft in Chelsea, Manhattan. The Sun said her house was worth $7.5 million.

New York’s Poshan Flowers donated flowers for her housewarming celebration, while IL Brigante catered to the delicious Italian food.

Shows And Business Ventures Of Ezra

They’ve both been on Reality Shows. In 2016, Ezra was featured in the program Rich Kids on Instagram. The reality series “Rich Kids of Instagram” followed rich teens as they documented their lavish lives online.

In each installment, we watched as these people pampered themselves with expensive spa treatments, designer clothes, expensive cars, and exotic vacations.

William is also in the hospitality business and a partner in the New York eatery Wayan. Ezra shared with the peek guide his lifelong desire to introduce New Yorkers to the Indonesian culture.

Wayan was conceived at a meeting with business partners Cedric and Ochi Vongerichten shortly after his 2017 NYU graduation. Wayan is quietly tucked away in Manhattan’s Nolita neighborhood.

The restaurant utilizes teak wood, lush greenery, and whitewashed masonry to create a trendy atmosphere for Indonesian food with a contemporary French touch.

Image Source: Coveteur

Seasonal ingredients are combined with flavorful Southeast Asian tastes to create Wayan’s eclectic and delicious cuisine.

The restaurant’s signature bar features creative drinks that pay homage to local ingredients and culture. Located in the center of downtown, Ezra William’s cocktail party had a tropical Indonesian theme to commemorate Wayan’s first anniversary.

Signature drinks, including Tequila Casa Dragones on the rocks and the “Yas Queen,” a drink made especially for the event, were served to guests. Ezra, along with Wayan, is one of the original members of the House of Slay.

The HOUSE OF SLAY is a safe space where people of all identities and walks of life may feel at home and have their voices heard. It’s a forum that seeks to include and elevate marginalized people’s perspectives.

An online comic book series is the initial product of this endeavor; it may be accessed through the TAPAS platform.

This comic book series presents a cast of heroic characters from various cultural origins who address important societal issues like prejudice and hatred within the AAPI community and among other oppressed groups.

Shows And Business Ventures Of Dorothy

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills on E! was Dorothy’s first experience on reality television. From its 2014-2016 run, the show focused on the lives of privileged youth.

Subsequently, she was featured in another E! show, this one titled Famously single, which followed the lives of eight celebrities as they looked for love.

And Dorothy’s stardom skyrocketed in May of 2022 thanks to her role in the hit Netflix series Bling Empire. After the first series’ success, Dorothy was featured in Bling Empire: New York.

Image Source: Daily Mail

In the documentary Bling Empire New York, a group of wealthy and stylish Asian Americans traverse the city’s social scene, showing their ostentatious way of life and fashionable ensembles.

The series promises to provide drama and an inside look at their lavish lifestyle. Dorothy also has a jewelry line called Necklaces by Dorothy Wang and a champagne label called Rich And Bubbly.

There was also a sighting of Paris Hilton wearing a Dorothy Wang necklace. She also has a website where she posts travel recommendations; thus far, it features destinations like Shanghai, Miami, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Aspen, and Capri.

Luxury Products Dorothy And Ezra Purchased

In 2017, Ezra offered the Observer a tour of his wardrobe and said he draws greatly from 1990s style. He took us to his cabinet, where he flaunted his bedazzled Margiela coats and footwear that evoked disco balls.

Ezra said he is fixated on everything, including footwear designed to resemble Chewbacca. He also owns an assortment of Birkin bags. His variety of designer footwear and handbags is worth an estimated $740,000.

Dorothy revealed the before and after photos of her NYC apartment closet renovation in April 2022. Several high-end labels could be found in her wardrobe. Her closet was neat as a pin, and she had a special place for each type of shoe (heels, boots, and sneakers).

Her outerwear was kept in their closets, and her tees were folded and stashed away in drawers. Her many Birkin handbags highlight her collection.

Wang told Pursebop that she was twice as lucky as she had been since she had been offered not just one Kelly (bags).

Like Birkins, Kellys are not available for purchase at any Hermès location; the sales associate must present one to the customer once the customer has demonstrated a significant investment in the company. Dorothy has a Birkin 25 in navy cargo, her favorite bag.

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