Incidente Hisashi Ouchi Fotos: Most Radioactive Japanese Man Kept Alive For 83 Days
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Following a tragic accident at Japan’s Tokaimura nuclear power plant in 1999, Hisashi Ouchi’s actual images have been in high demand online.

Due to the injury, he lost most of his skin and started crying blood.

He was involved in one of the most tragic events ever happening on Earth, Hisashi Ouchi. The nuclear power plant catastrophe on September 30, 1999, left him with the most damage.

Radiation has always been a fascinating subject for many scientists. Since it was discovered and became a weapon, research has been conducted on its impact on living things, particularly humans.

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Hisashi Ouchi Fotos

Following the incident, Hisashi Ouchi’s health alarmed the public, and netizens are now interested in seeing his actual photos.

He was a skilled technician who had previously worked at the Tokaimura nuclear reactor. The technique for dissolving and mixing enriched uranium oxide with nitric acid was under the supervision of the workers of the Tokaimura nuclear reactor.

They were making uranyl nitrate, which was supposed to be finished two days earlier. The technician chose to create the acid hastily to meet the enormous deadline.

One of the technician’s shortcuts involved hand touching the extremely radioactive produce. The three novice workers made a terrible error during the process.

hochi I

The mixing process required adding a certain ingredient to the mixture. The inexperienced technicians increased by seven times the recommended quantity. The Gamma radiation sirens went out, and the three technicians immediately understood their mistake.

They have a lot of radiation exposure. Ouchi was specifically exposed to 17 Sv of radiation because of his close closeness to the reaction.

Hisashi Ouchi Kept Alive For 83 Days

Hisashi Ouchi received 83 days of treatment at the University of Tokyo Hospital following the fatal incident. He had significant radiation burns all over his body, a white blood cell count that was almost nil, and extensive internal organ damage.

He underwent extensive cancer treatment in critical care during his first week in the hospital to boost his white blood cell production.

Following his frustrating stay in the hospital, Ouchi expressed his inability to handle the situation and pleaded with them not to use him as a test subject. But he continued to receive treatment.

hochi II

On the 59th day of therapy, Ouchi’s lifeless corpse suffered three heart attacks in less than an hour. After being admitted due to various organ failures, Ouchi was pronounced dead on the 83rd day.

Hisashi Ouchi Reaction On Web

After the incident’s details were made public worldwide, the social media world became strange. And social media users warn them against looking at the photo of him lying on the hospital bed.

The technician who suffered the maximum radiation dose recorded in the medical history of 17 sieverts received the sincere sympathies of every internet user.

When people began equating him with Wanda Maximoff from the Marvel television series Doctor Strange, who faced the most serious life-threatening situations, he recently went viral on social media.

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