Ilyas Noreaga’s Love Triangle With Kate Elisabeth and Destini

On the television series Locked In, Ilyas Noreaga discussed his ex-girlfriend when he was involved in a love triangle with Kate Elizabeth and Destini.

On the television show Locked In, YouTube and TikTok celebrities are held captive for two weeks. Like Big Brother, the contestants are not permitted to use their phones, social media, or anything else from the outside world.

To earn points, influencers take part in challenges. In the first season, JMX and Bambino Becky were cast members. Millie T and Anastasia Kingsnorth both made their debuts in season two.

A couple more well-known characters from season three include our queen and GK Barry. Every day at 7, new episodes will be posted. You can vote online and on the Footasylum YouTube channel. The show began airing on November 2.

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To learn about Ilyas Noreaga’s Love Triangle With Kate Elisabeth and Destini, continue reading the article.

Ilyas Noreaga’s Love Triangle With Kate Elisabeth and Destini

Ilyas Noreaga’s Love Triangle With Kate Elisabeth and Destini is the name of episode 3 of Locked In’s third season. GK Ilyas and Destiny were allegedly pretty close when they were dozing off on the mattresses at the start of the event, according to Barry.

The three characters discuss their personalities in the episode. Ilyas questioned one of them over his suitability for her. Ilyas was shocked to realize he wasn’t the kind guy.

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Ilyas and Destiny seemed to be quite close because they shared a bed at the beginning of the episode. Everyone had an opinion on their relationship, even Kate Elisabeth, who acknowledges feeling envious of them despite her genuine compassion.

Elias, in Kate’s opinion, is charming, endowed with lovely eyes, and a gentleman. Kate went on to claim that she felt jealous because she occasionally enjoyed receiving attention from men.

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Meet Ilyas Noreaga Ex Girlfriend

In Locked In episode 3 during a conversation with other characters, Ilyas Noreaga acknowledged having a former girlfriend.

Ilyas said he loved dark-colored girls and that his ex-girlfriend was also dark-colored and looked very gorgeous when he inquired about Destini’s type and whether he could fit into it.

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Noreaga continued, “She reminded him exactly like his ex.” He made a point of mentioning Destiny and complimenting her attractiveness.

Ilyas did not mention his ex-girlfriend by name, but he was very complimentary of her. According to the program, Ilyas, who is now single, has caught the attention of two women.

Ilyas and Kate will fall in love, according to Chip. Even if Chip doesn’t think Elias is her type, Kate will still give it a shot because she is in a desperate situation.

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Who Is Ilyas Noreaga?

Ilyas’ Instagram account can be followed at @ilyasnoreaga. Despite having 18.3k followers on the account, Noreaga rarely updates.

The YouTube channel of Noreaga has 16.8k subscribers. Only two videos that Ilyas has ever posted to YouTube have each earned over 100,000 views.

Ilyas, a YouTuber, is taller than 6 feet. He included his height in the image’s caption. Ilyas appears to be wealthy based on his fancy car, iPhone, and other Apple gadgets.

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