IG Model Gina Tew Aids Allegedly Hooked Up With Chris Brown: Diagnosed With Wasting Disease

Instagram model and well-known social media influencer Gina Tew. In a video Gina Tew shared on Tiktok, she describes how she went nearly ten years without a diagnosis of AIDS until finally getting one.

A well-known model with ties to Chris Brown and Nick Cannon, who supposedly struggled with AIDS for ten years.

Tew said that she had delayed getting tested until her symptoms were worse and that she hadn’t done so at the time.

Gina acknowledged that while she was a homeless person residing in New York City, she had had numerous sexual attacks. She reasoned that her infection was most likely the result of this.

The heavily inked Instagram beauty reportedly mentioned getting several free tattoos while battling the blood infection spread by needles.

Who Is IG Model Gina Tew?

Gina Tew is a well-known Instagram model and social media personality. She is famous for uploading videos of herself taking selfies, pictures of her outfits, and song covers on her account.

Tew is a seasoned singer who served as a cover model for The Cover. Including “Hello” and “Electric Song,” which she debuted at the beginning of 2018, she has sung renditions of songs by Adele and Alina Baraz.

According to a 2018 interview with Inked Magazine, Tew is highly renowned for her unusual throat tattoo and has already landed significant contracts with the store Dolls Kill.

Tew admitted that before she knew she had AIDS, she had been battling it for around ten years.

Gina Tew Aids Allegedly Hooked Up With Chris Brown

Gina Tew recently disclosed that she has been living with AIDS for ten years, and Chris Brown and Gina Tew are thought to be dating. Gina Tew, a model who lived in New York City, saw a brief burst of success in the industry.


She had many connections, and Chris Brown was one of her buddies. However, it is unknown if Chris Brown and Gina were close friends.

Doctors discovered Gina had AIDS following a routine visit, the fatal disease that results from an extended HIV infection that is not treated. Finally speaking up, Gina informed her pals of the situation.

According to doctors, Gina has had AIDS for at least ten years.

Was Gina Tew Diagnosed With Wasting Disease?

Gina Tew was initially diagnosed with “wasting disease” before learning she had AIDS. Her weight suddenly dropped to barely 70 pounds, even though she had always been a thin girl and could not walk.

@genatew2 I got so weak in the first days of knowing I had aids..I could barely focuse and attained to talk..#fyp #aids #sick #weak #speakup ♬ original sound – Gena Tew

Tew asserted that the virus caused her weight to drop significantly; her last weight was 65 pounds. She had to go through physical therapy to bring her body back into proper shape.

She has provided numerous updates, such as the blood count at the hospital and those demonstrating her improved self-care.

She has given several updates, such as the hospital’s blood count and those showing that she can now maintain herself.

In the video, she discussed how much she missed being able to walk and urged viewers to value their mobility.

The infection caused her to lose her ability to walk and sight out of one eye, but physical treatment has helped her regain it.

Gina Tew Instagram And TikTok Account

Gina Tew has an Instagram account there with the handle @tewgena. She has 46 posts and 12.8k followers on Instagram.

She has only shared photos of herself on her Instagram feed. However, she gave an update on her health in a video she posted to her Tiktok account.

On Tiktok, she presently has 388.5k followers. In addition, she obtains more than a thousand views and likes on each video.

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