Iam Tongi Parents, Siblings, And His American Idol Audition Details

Iam’s dad is Rodney Guy, and his mom is Lillie N. Rodney. In Hawaii, Rodney and Lillie brought up their kids.

On Sunday, February 19, ABC broadcasted the first episode of auditions for the upcoming 21st season of American Idol.

This is the sixth year the show has been back on the air since its relaunch. Teenager Tongi, 18, from Kahuku, Hawaii, moved the judges to tears with his heartfelt performance.

At his audition, the young man played James Blunt’s “Monsters” in honor of his late father. Auditioning for the reality program is a popular activity for musically inclined people.

Stories like this often go on to serve as sources of inspiration for viewers throughout the country. Everyone, from the judges to the audience, has been moved by Tongi’s narrative this season.

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Iam Tongi Was Raised In Hawaii

Iam Tongi was born in Kahuku on the north shore of Oahu to parents Rodney Guy and Lillie N Rodney Tongi.

The musician’s Facebook bio claims he was born in Kahuku and reared by parents of Tongan and Samoan origin and Irish ancestry.

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He plays guitar and ukulele and is a senior at Decatur High School in Washington. His father, he claims, had a significant influence on his musical taste, and he frequently posts his song covers on social media platforms like Instagram and Tiktok. Tongi is the baby of a family of five.

Tongi’s Father, Rodney Guy Tongi

Tongi ancestor here; my name is I am. Even more surprisingly, Rodney Tongi could also sing. His father passed suddenly in December of 2021 when he was just 50.

He wanted to be a musician because of Rodney. Tongi and his father sang a duet for the audition. Also, the young musician cited his father as the primary inspiration for his interest in music.

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As he sang his rendition of the song during his audition, he put his whole heart into it, and the judges and audience were left in tears.

At the end of the audition, as Tongi wiped away tears, Lionel Ritchie consoled him, saying, “I can tell he meant a lot to you.” Blunt wrote “Monsters” for his father, who has advanced renal illness.

Tongi’s Mother, Lillie N Rodney Tongi

For the mother of the Tongi, Lillie was born and raised in the Tongatapu village of Mu’A. She was one of twelve siblings.

Tongi has 12 brothers and sisters: Nau, Pule, William, Vakameilalo, Eni, KJ, Verona, Manatau, Alopa, and Tevita.

She attended high school in Tonga at Liahona and then continued her education at Brigham Young University–Hawaii.

In 1977, she tied the knot with the man of her dreams, Rodney. They started in Hawaii but eventually went to the Emerald City of Seattle.

Lillie frequently posts to Instagram as @lillietongi. The majority of her Instagram photos include her and her loved ones.

Tongi’s Brother, Lerod Tongi

Three of Iam Tongi’s siblings are also alive and well. His siblings are Lerod Tongi and sisters Cassandra Alvino and Leilei Tongi.

Lerod Tongi, the older brother of Iam Tongi, is Lillie and Rodney’s first child. The family, including his younger brothers and sisters, went to Kahuku High & International.

Lerod played on the varsity football team when he was a kid. The 5-foot-8-inch athlete played defensive line and full back for Kahuku High School.

On Twitter, he goes under the handle @lerod43. Tongi enlisted in the military in December 2015, and he’s already talked about the best moments of his senior year.

You may find him on the social media platform Instagram under the handle @dnoyc43. Tongi has a wife named Cristina. Recently, the stunning couple became parents. Instagram users may find Cristina at @cristinatongi08.

Tongi’s Sister, Cassandra

Cassandra, Tongi’s sister, will wed Gunnar in April 2020. In one of her Instagram postings, Lillie revealed that her husband had given their daughter’s hand in marriage to Gunnar.

In celebration of her daughter and son-in-law’s wedding anniversary, she posted a video of their sweet dance together.

Because of Covid, the couple opted for a small, private ceremony with just close friends and relatives. Lerod, Cassandra’s older brother, returned from Brazil just in time for the celebrations.

The youngest brother also came out with a song in 2020 named “Dreams” for his sister’s nuptials. His sister and her husband’s love story was the subject of a beautiful song he wrote.

A kid has been born to Alvino and Gunnar. She periodically updates her Facebook with new photos of her husband and child.

Tongi’s Sister, Jennifer Tongi

Jennifer is the younger of the young artist’s two sisters. Her mother frequently posts bright family photos on Instagram and participates regularly.

Lillie just posted a cute snapshot of her family on Valentine’s Day. Her husband, Michael, and their children, Cassandra and Jennifer, look very happy.

Tongi’s Audition For American Idol

Tongi’s audition for American Idol was a powerful performance of Blunt’s “Monsters,” highlighting his unique musical ability. It was meant as a touching memorial to his cherished father.

All the judges gave him a round of applause for his outstanding performance. Katy Perry said that the singer had “struck a chord,” adding, “that’s what great storytellers do; that’s what great artists do.”

His performance so moved Judge Luke Bryan that it brought up painful memories of his sister and her husband, who had both passed away. Their kids now reside with Luke and his wife after they passed away.

The three affirmative responses stunned the singer-songwriter. The judges were unanimous in their support of sending you to Hollywood.

The good news was also posted on Instagram by Tongi, who commented, “I received that golden ticket, dad wish you were here.”

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