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Tiktok celebrity Hunter Ecimovi was well-known. Unfortunately, he is entangled in the Millie Bobby Brown grooming scandal. Let’s learn more about the nationality and age of the theTiktoker.

Acimovic is a charismatic individual who was successful on Tiktok by uploading a variety of humorous skits and practical jokes. As a result, he had established a sizable following on Tiktok.

His career in social media, including Youtube and Instagram, was thriving. The Tiktoker thus could succeed in the same way as numerous social media influencers.

On social media, the artist has been deactivated owing to his conflict with the Stranger Things actress.

People also accuse Hunter Ecimovic of misbehaving with Millie Bobby Brown and support her.

Hunter Ecimovic Age In 2022

22-year-old Hunter Ecimovic is a popular Tiktok user. On January 29, 2000, he was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Tiktoker is well known for his doodles and lip syncs. In addition, his collaboration with other Tiktokers and prank videos have earned him some notoriety.

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Hunter Ecimovic, Tiktoker accused of grooming Stranger’s Things actress Millie Bobby Brown. ( Instagram )

He opened an account in October 2019, and after receiving thousands of views on his Tiktok movies, he quickly became well-known during the Covid-19 era.

There were around 1.6 million Tiktok followers for the content provider. On Instagram, he had a little more than 120,000 followers as well.

Additionally, he has Luke, his brother, with whom he has previously worked on videos.

Hunter Ecimovic’s Nationality, Ethnicity And Parents

American citizen Hunter Ecimovic. His parents are Serbian natives. The artist has kept his family’s identity a secret.

A lot is unfortunately unknown about their parents. Ecimovic appears to be from a wealthy family. Additionally, he generates income through posting videos to a variety of social media platforms.

Numerous followers have joined Ecimovic’s account due to the person’s hilarious, eccentric films and impressive physical capabilities.

He appears to have a close bond with his pals and brother Luke. In addition, he frequently uploads his vlogs on his videos.

At age 16, they were aware that Milly Bobby Brown was being groomed. Then, on a live social media video, he acknowledged his actions.

His followers also shun Ecimovic. As a result, both the star’s Instagram and Tiktok accounts have been deleted.

What Did He Say About Millie Bobby Brown’s Relationship?

Grazia said that the Tiktoker had emotionally mistreated Millie Bobby Brown. In an interview, Millie discusses her destructive friendship with the Tiktoker.

There are rumours that Ecimovic and Millie had sex when she was 16 and he was just 20. Fans have accused Hunter of engaging in sexual activity before becoming legal age of consent.

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Hunter Ecimovic and Millie Bobby Brown were in a relationship when Mille was only 16 years old. (Trend Details News)

The legal consent age in California is 18. Hunter also publicly acknowledged his relationship with Millie through internet publications. He insulted the actress, which enraged her supporters.

He also expressed regret for his actions. Even Nevertheless, the anger towards the Tiktoker has persisted as additional media reports are read in light of Millie’s decision to come clean about their connection.

Because of this, the 22-year-old Tiktoker has deleted all of his social media accounts out of concern for the wrath of his admirers and other communities.

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