Hunter Biden Crack Video: Did 4Chan Hacked Hunter Biden's iPhone? iCloud Exposed Details

Currently, a video of Hunter Biden weighing his “crack” on social media has gone viral. In the video, he talks about how much crack he consumed with a prostitute.

Hunter Biden, the president of the United States Joe Biden’s son, was once described as the sharpest person he had ever encountered. The president’s comment is currently being utilized online as “meme material,” nevertheless.

A lot of movies were posted online as a result of 4Chan’s hacking of Hunter’s iCloud. In addition, he weighs the number of narcotics he has and boasts about it to a fictitious prostitute in one of these tapes.

Hunter Biden Crack Video: Did 4Chan Hacked Hunter Biden’s iPhone?

A mysterious online group named 4Chan was responsible for the hack that exposed videos of Hunter Biden.

The visual website has already been connected to several well-known celebrity conspiracies and controversies. These websites received a lot of criticism, but not anymore. People are appreciative of 4Chan for being able to reveal the truth.

They allegedly compromised his iPhone cloud and exposed many of his chats, videos, and images. One of the exchanges included him calling Jill Biden a “c**t.”

To view the released information, which is still available online, go to the 4chan website. Of course, you are welcome to comment as well.

Hunter Biden Crack Video On Twitter And Reddit

On Reddit and Twitter, it’s easy to find the Hunter Biden Crack Video, which is currently trending online.

The second son of Joe Biden, a lawyer, also taped himself weighing the “crack.” In the footage, he can be seen considering what looks to be crystals and discussing it with a woman who is believed to be a prostitute.

Although controversial, this is not Hunter Biden’s first YouTube video to go viral. Other videos that leave him completely exposed have also stunned the internet.

In another video, Hunter can be seen slipping down a pool while naked. He also hired someone to use his iPhone to record it.

Hunter Biden Pedo Peter Contact List

Hunter Biden kept his father’s phone number under the alias “Pedo Peter.”

The entire country was shocked to learn that their president was represented differently. As a result, #PedoPeter has become particularly well-liked on Twitter and Reddit.

Various allegations have also been that Hunter is a pedophile following the publication of a naked picture of him with an Asian child. We’ll keep you updated as the story develops further.

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