How Supportive Are Anna Konkle’s Parents And Her Partner?

Peter Konkle and Janet Ryan, Anna Konkle’s parents, raised her in Vermont, United States. Her father went away from lung cancer, and her mother is a retired nurse.

The actress is most known for her performance on “PEN 15,” an original comedy series on Hulu (2019). She played Anna Kone on the show, which she and Maya Erskine, and Sam Zvibleman made together.

It’s interesting to note that because of her work on the show, she was nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards: one in 2019 for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series and another in 2021 for Outstanding Comedy Series.

In 2013, she made her acting debut. The actress won the lead part in the ” Rosewood ” series just two years after making her television debut. The chance turned out to be a big break for her, leading her to become more well-known.

How Supportive Are Anna Konkle's Parents And Her Partner?
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How Supportive Are Anna Konkle’s Parents?

When Anna Konkle was barely a teenager, her parents, Peter and Janet Ryan divorced. In 2000, they made their divorce public.

Her family moved to Scituate, Massachusetts, in 1994, and she started attending the local public schools there. Her mother, Janet, a retired nurse, and her father, Peter, reportedly had a troubled marriage, according to

They announced their divorce in 2000, although the legal process took three years. Peter Konkle, Konkle’s father, stays inside the house the entire time.

Konkle frequently served as a peacemaker between the two territorial warring parties that occupied the house.

Although Peter and Janet did not get along well, they helped each other while co-parenting Anna.

They did their jobs as parents by giving their daughter a good education and helping her choose a career that she had always been interested in.

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On Instagram, Anna also posted some images she had taken with her mother. In 2015, she uploaded a photo of herself and her mum wishing everyone a joyful day following Thanksgiving.

She posted a picture of herself as a toddler wearing strange makeup beside her mother later in 2018. She titled the image, “Just a typical old photo of my mother and I. ecstatic nightmares.”

The tragic death of Anna’s father, Peter, from lung cancer in 2019 left her with a terrible loss. A few months after the actor died, the actress posted a touching note on her Instagram page.

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Anna Konkle Partner

Alex Anfanger, Anna Konkle’s boyfriend, is an actor and producer. In 2020, Anna and Alex got engaged, and the two of them have a stunning daughter.

Like her, her fiance is employed in the entertainment sector. Writer, producer, and actor Alex are all three. His performances in “Cake,” “Burning Love,” and “Big Time in Hollywood, FL” are what made him most famous.

The couple still needs to enter a legally recognized marriage, despite exchanging rings in a private ceremony to announce their engagement. According to Vogue, Konkle subtly revealed that Alex had proposed to her.

They have a child together, and they are happy parents. The actress shocked her followers by sharing her pregnancy news on Instagram at the beginning of 2021.

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She published a few photos of herself flaunting her burgeoning baby bulge with the remark, “It only took me nine months to post, but the family is expanding any second now.”

The couple welcomed a daughter they called Essie Wunderle Anfanger as their first child. Because of her distinctive moniker, audiences were curious to learn more about their brand-new baby.

The actress claims that Essie’s second name, which she chose to honor her late father, came from her father’s side of the family. Furthermore, the ladies of the Wunderle were renowned for being strong and independent.

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