The Floor Is Lava author Ivan Brett who is 32 years old appears frequently on BBC’s The Traitors.

Brett is one of the notable characters in the 2022 reality TV series The Traitors.

According to the official summary, the plot follows four Traitors who infiltrate a team of 24 players and use a network of interrelated lies to plot and betray their friends. They must eliminate all the committed customers before they can claim the $250,000 prize money.

According to a Guardian reporter, Claudia Winkleman’s new show is comparable to the Highlands Hunger Games and should not be seen by anyone who is easily alarmed.

Brett bragged on social media that the obstacles were straightforward because he was made for the masquerade. The contestants had to correctly determine the one in the most recent episode by carefully listening to The Faithful ring church bells to the beat of songs.

His braggadocio attracted more viewers, boosting the popularity of the BBC program.

 Ivan Bret
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How Old Is Ivan Bret?

32-year-old The Traitors contestant Ivan Brett was born in Edinburgh in 1989. Ivan grew up and was born in England.

He mistakenly thought he was born in a bike shop for most of his early years. The instance of mistaken identity devoured his thoughts while he created his roots and looked for places to write all the time.

He loved to write, but he also had a massive library of games that he played to unwind and get to know his peers. He also became fixated on bicycles and comic comics. He had a strange upbringing, but he didn’t regret continuing to act like a child as an adult.

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After completing his secondary education, he pursued a philosophy undergraduate degree at Bristol University. He used to sketch on the backs of crisp packets, bus tickets, and anything else he could find. The notes came in handy when he published Casper Candlewacks in his 20s, a book that won him multiple awards.

The following three books in the series—Casper Candlewacks in The Claws of Crime, Casper Candlewacks in Attack of the Brainiacs, and Casper Candlewacks in The Time Traveling Toaster—were just the beginning.

He split his time between writing and teaching kids, but his primary job—a licensed primary teacher in Cornwall—was the one that paid the bills.

He returned to writing after finding literature that appealed to his passion for video games. The result is The Floor is Lavas, which was eventually published abroad and became a success. He now makes his home in Winchester and writes full-time.

Facts On Author Ivan Brett

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  • The 32-year-old Ivan Brett was born in 1989 in Edinburgh.
  • Brett was born in England and was raised in Cornwall.
  • Although he has experience as a qualified author, he is a writer by trade. He used to divide his time between tutoring and writing before his literary works took over his life.
  • Although Ivan’s net worth is unknown, winning The Traitors would boost his bank account by $250,000.
  • Despite being unmarried, he and his girlfriend Amy have several Instagram photographs where they are biking around America. The couple referred to their dog and cat as their children despite not having any children.

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