Young Tom Hermans Maddock Herman and Priya Maverick grew up in the Sunshine State. Priya has relocated to Texas to pursue further education.

Priya is the eldest of her three siblings, followed by Maddock and Maverick. Tom, whose real name is Thomas Herman III, is a famous American football trainer.

He’s the head football coach for the Florida Atlantic Owls right now. Herman began his coaching career in 1998 as a receivers coach at Texas Lutheran University, where he graduated.

After that, in 2015, Herman became the University of Houston’s new head football coach. Following two years in that role, he was moved to Austin, the University of Texas, to lead the Texas Longhorns.

The American football coach has coached on many networks. As a highlight coordinator for Fox-TV in Los Angeles, he received good marks for his work.

Image Source: Austin American-Statesman

Family Of Tom Herman

A trio of Tom Herman’s Children’s Sports is a passion shared by Priya, Maddock, and Maverick. They’re a favorite toy of Herman and Michelle’s.

Tom trains his kids and teaches them how to play various sports on the weekends and during school breaks.

So, the Hermans are a highly physically fit and active family. Herman also pushed them to try new things, like sports and extracurricular groups.

Priya Herman, Herman’s One And Only Daughter

Priya Herman, Herman’s one and only child, is currently a student at The University of Texas at Austin. Tom attended and graduated from the same school. The head football coach attended the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with a master’s degree.

As time went on, he also worked there as a graduate assistant, this time under Greg Davis’s tutelage. Priya’s Instagram bio reveals that she is an active Texas Zeta Tau Alpha member.

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Priya is an outspoken advocate for women’s rights, human rights, and gender equality, and she is actively involved in several different clubs and charities.

The eldest kid of the football coach posts various messages about prejudice, global warming, injustice, and mental health on her Instagram stories. She thinks everyone should be well-versed in their legal rights and responsibilities.

The Herman’s Middle Child, Maddock

Maddock has followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming a star player for his high school’s football team.

TD Maddock is a member of the Westlake Wildcats varsity football team. He currently attends West Lake High.

TD’s father, Tom Herman, is a football coach, so he’s picked up a lot of knowledge from him. As one of the most promising instructors, Tom has done the best he can to prepare his son for a football career.

TD is one of the most talked-about athletes at his school because of the high regard for his football prowess.

If you see Maddock on the Westlake varsity football team, he’s wearing jersey 88. With his dad’s training and support, he’s got a great shot at making it big in the football world.

The Herman’s Youngest Child, Maverick

The Hermans’ youngest kid is named Maverick. He was given the name of a well-known figure from the 1986 film Top Gun.

The American professional coach has a lot of respect for Tom Cruise as an actor and filmmaker. As the youngest of their children, 9-year-old Maverick has always been very dear to his parents.

Tom’s younger kid was the subject of many of his Instagram posts. He shared various Maverick’s newborn images, including those of him standing up and celebrating his sixth month.

Maverick enjoys going to Tom’s games because he gets to see his dad in action as a coach and wants to watch Tom play. He enjoys going to Tom’s workplace to act like him.

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