Andy Murray was raised in Dunblane by his parents, William Murrary and Judy Murray. Judy is a tennis instructor who has won 64 Scottish championships.

When Murray was three years old, Judy took him to the neighbourhood courts to play. His mother coached him and his older sibling, Jamie, as they grew up.

By age five, Andy was already competing, and by the time he was eight, he was even competing against adults. At 19, he made his top 10 debuts in 2007.

Murray has 46 ATP singles victories and held the top spot in the international ATP rankings for 41 weeks in 2016.

Andy Murray
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Andy Murray’s Childhood and Early Days

Judy and William Murray welcomed Andy into the world in Glasgow, Scotland. William and Judy raised two tennis talents.

Their oldest child, Jamie Murray, is a seven-time Grand Slam doubles champion, a Davis Cup winner, and a former World No. 1 in doubles. Andy, their second son, has won two Wimbledon matches, a US Open, and three Grand Slam singles championships.

Judy is frequently featured in the media and is present at her children’s games.

Who Is Andy Murray Mother?

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Former tennis champion Judy now works as a tennis coach. She even decided to embark on a professional tour in 1976 but gave up competing after being homesick and robbed in Barcelona.

Before Andy and Jamie’s professional careers took off, Judy coached her sons. Since then, she has coached several athletes for the Lawn Tennis Association at national and provincial levels.

In 2017, Andy was named an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in recognition of her services to tennis, women in sport, and philanthropy.

Murray has had television appearances outside of tennis, such as The Chase Celebrity Christmas Special and Strictly Come Dancing.

Judy is one of the few famous people who has openly admitted to getting a facelift. She had a non-surgical facelift for £4500 to look beautiful in public. According to The Telegraph, she only wanted her skin to appear more youthful and fresh. She didn’t want anything invasive or dramatic.

Where is the father of Andy Murray?

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Andy’s father, William Murray, is currently employed with RS McColl Newsagents, a Scottish newsagent business.

He oversees the office in Dunblane as the regional manager.

Due to William’s few appearances courtside during Andy’s matches, many people have assumed that he is an absent father. He has been Andy and Jamie’s most prominent supporter since they started playing tennis. Thus this is untrue.

In an interview with the Daily Record, Murray claimed that because his sons are well-known, Judy has supported them well. He continued by saying he is different from the type to rush about and demand attention.

William is content to support his kids from a distance and in the background.

Did Murray’s Parents Divorce?

In 1980, Judy and William got hitched. But they split up in 1997 when Andy was ten years old. They separated formally in March 2005.

Judy implied that her goal to be a successful tennis instructor and player had a detrimental effect on her marriage. The kids suffered greatly from their acrimonious divorce.

Andy and Jamie had to be informed by William that Judy was leaving the house. While the kids were growing up, their mom was actively involved, and the children lived with their dad. When the boys arrived home from school, William worked full-time and prepared dinner for them.

In a 2007 interview with The Telegraph, Andy discussed the agony of his parent’s divorce and said that his rage had fueled his competitive nature.

The tennis pro always saw Judy and William as rivals, so he reasoned that if he spent two nights with his mother, he needed to spend an equal amount of nights with his father.

Andy Murray’s Father Got Married For A Second Time

In 2016, William married a second time. Before getting married, Willie and Sam Watson had been dating for 12 years.

During a private stroll down the beach on Christmas Eve 2014, he proposed to Sam.

The happy event was attended by Andy, Jamie, and their families. They wore black bow ties, waistcoats, and tartan kilts.

The wedding ceremony occurred in Dunblane at Andy’s hotel, Cromlix House. The wedding was attended by many of their close friends and family members, including Andy’s new stepsisters, Brogan, Caitlin, and Erin.

Kim Sears, Andy Murray’s Partner

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On April 11, 2015, Murray wed Kim Sears in the Dunblane Cathedral in Dunblane, Scotland.

At the 2005 US Open, the couple first got together. Andy acknowledged that he was more at ease on the court while travelling with Kim to the 2006 SAP Open. In 2014, they got engaged.

According to Murray, Kim has a terrific sense of humour, and she is very devoted to and protective of him, he told The New York Times. She does not particularly enjoy being in public. Kim dislikes when others make remarks about her appearance and attire.

Sears is a talented painter who posts images of animals and plants on her Instagram page.

Andy Murray’s Wife’s Age

Kim Sears, born on December 10, 1987, is 35 years old at the moment. She was raised in Barcombe, England.

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She received A-levels in music, acting, and painting before graduating. Her next academic stop was Sussex University.

Currently, Kim, her husband, kids, and two dogs reside in Leatherhead, Surrey.

Tennis Coach Andy’s Father-in-Law

Her father, Nigel Sears, met Andy and Kim for the first time at the US Open. At the time, Nigel served as the Women’s Tennis Association’s president.

In addition to Amanda Coetzer, Ana Ivanovic, Daniela Hantuchova, and Emma Raducanu, Nigel is a well-known international coach.

Nigel experienced a health scare in the 2016 Australian Open when he passed out in the audience. When he collapsed severely, he watched his player, Ivanovic, play in the Margaret Court Area.

The couple, Sears and Leonore Sears, currently resides in the south of England.

Children Of Andy Murray

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Four small children—three daughters and one son—belong to Andy and Kim.

The names of the three are Sophia Olivia Murray, Teddy Barron Murray, and Eddie Murray; the youngest’s name has yet to be known.

Murray has spoken numerous times about his children and how difficult it is to be away from them for extended periods owing to job obligations.

He missed his second oldest daughter and son’s birthdays in 2022 since he competed at the Swiss Indoors in Basel. According to Yahoo! Sports, he wanted to be there for them as much as possible.

A documentary about the tennis player’s life aired in 2019 and featured brief glimpses of the four kids.

Sophia Olivia Murray, who turned six on February 7, 2016, was born. Eddie Murray, their second child, was born in 2018 and is now four years old.

Teddy Barron, the son of Andy and Kim, was born in October of this year and is now three years old. The youngest daughter of the couple was born in March 2021. She just turned one and will turn two in March 2023.

According to Hello Magazine, Andy mentioned Sophia and stated she played tennis once a week. He added that Andy was content with three children, but Kim wanted four.

Murray’s Personal Life

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Unlike most athletes, Andy has chosen to keep his personal life out of the spotlight.

He has only posted a few photos with his wife and rarely posts images of his children on Instagram.

He resides in Leatherhead in a magnificent mansion. In addition to having a tennis court, Andy purchased the home in 2016. He once lived in a superb £5 million property in Surrey. In 2022, the five-bedroom house with a sauna, gym, and movie room was sold.

Murray’s grandparents are also close to him. When he was 14 years old, he cursed on the court during a tournament, and Shirley Erskine, his 85-year-old grandmother, once shunned him and wouldn’t talk to him. According to the Daily Mail, Andy was devastated but admitted to continuing to curse at the court.

Roy Erskine, his maternal grandfather, was a former Scottish Football League player. Roy used to play tennis and is currently an optometrist. However, after he became a professional in football, the Scottish tennis officials forbade him from actively participating in the sport.

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