The quest for Lizzie’s boyfriend, High on Life, has gained further online traction and many “High on Life” players are looking for answers.

High on life is a biopunk and action-adventure comedic science fiction video game. The Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland developed the first-person shooter published by Squanch Games.

The game’s main character is a bounty hunter who lives on an Earth that the vicious and evil G3 Cartel has taken over. The Cartel aims to make all people into a drug.

The player assumes the role of the protagonist, who must explore the universe using a gadget called a Galician to save humanity. The game’s release date was December 12, 2022.

Despite being only recently released, the game has drawn several player inquiries online. The open environment and choose-your-own-adventure elements of the game cause most of these questions to focus on choosing choices.

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Tweet and Lizzie from High on Life Are Dating

The game’s High on Life Lizzie Boyfriend challenge is a favorite. The High on Life Lizzie Boyfriend quest offers many options.

The game’s main character currently lives with his sister Lizzie, an extraterrestrial bounty hunter named Gene and them. When the main character enters the house, the two are arguing.

Since her lover Tweeg is coming over, Lizzie yells at Gene to clean up the apartment to start the argument. But Gene is blatant in his loathing for Tweeg.

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As they argue about her dating Tweeg in the dialogue, the main character can support either Lizzie or Gene. Lizzie claims that Gene doesn’t even know her and doesn’t care about her, so his opinion doesn’t matter. Gene claims he is horrified by Tweeg’s species and doesn’t think Lizzie should be dating him.

Gene’s species is different from Tweeg’s, which is another extraterrestrial. He asserts that Lizzie would become pregnant and give birth to a Tweeg-related offspring. He goes on to try to match Lizzie with his nephew.

If the main character’s choices tend more toward Gene’s or Lizzie’s viewpoint, Lizzie will eventually ask Gene to leave. The main character has to decide what to do.

Funny enough, Gene will decide to stay regardless of the main character’s decision. The final inference is that Lizzie will be indignant, but Gene will be happy if you support him. The Bounty 5000 machine will be threatened with removal, but Gene will finally decide to depart if you help him.

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Lizzie Is The Main Character

Although Lizzie is the main character in High on Life, Gene is shown to be more critical through the boyfriend’s quest. Gene transforms us into bounty hunters in High on Life.

Since Gene won’t leave the house, it doesn’t matter what choice this mission takes. No matter the main character’s choice, Lizzie and Gene will finally find a solution to their problems.

The main character’s sister Lizzie wants to hold a party before the G3 Cartel invades Earth in the game’s opening scene. Although she is depicted throughout the story making fun of the protagonist for having no prospects in life, it soon becomes apparent that she genuinely cares for the player as the game progresses.

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The main character comes upon Gene, a former bounty hunter living on the streets of Blim City. He lost his legs before the game started, making him a person with paraplegia. Gene starts the protagonist’s journey as a bounty hunter by offering his outfit as a bounty hunter in exchange for the protagonist’s home if he passes away.

Gene may appear nasty at first, but as the plot develops, he starts to feel sorry for the protagonist. Gene and Lizzie’s fights are primarily responsible for the game’s humor.

One of the reasons so many people look for explanations for the High on Life boyfriend gameplay is that it is relatively easy to become attached to both of these characters in the game. The player gets the sense that they are entangled in a quarrel between two close friends.

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