HelloFresh Condemns Practice: What is Monkey Labor?

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia found in a report based on an investigation from December 2021 to July 2022 that HelloFresh works with Thai coconut milk suppliers who “confessed to using monkey labor.”

According to PETA, HelloFresh “refuses to do the right thing by moving its supply chain for coconut milk out of Thailand.”

In its supply chain, HelloFresh has unequivocally denied using any monkey labor. The complete statement is provided below.

According to the corporation, it “takes a stringent stance” against purchasing from or marketing coconut products discovered to have been produced using slave labor.

HelloFresh Condemns Practice: What is Monkey Labor?
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HelloFresh Condemns Practice

A HelloFresh representative told Yahoo News, “HelloFresh strictly rejects any usage of monkey labor in its supply chain and we take a hard position of not sourcing from vendors or selling coconut items which have been discovered to involve monkey labor.” CBS News released a similar text.

According to the representative, who was quoted by the site, “We have written proof from all of our suppliers globally that they do not engage in these practices.”

We have adopted the highest standards in our supply chain and gone above and beyond official rules to guarantee the safety and sustainability of our product as the world’s largest provider of meal kits and an industry leader in food solutions.

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Finally, we ensure that our suppliers uphold the same standards that we hold ourselves accountable to and only offer the highest quality and freshest ingredients.

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What is Monkey Labor?

A California animal sanctuary called Animal Place claims that some monkeys are “specifically raised and trained – frequently with punishment – to harvest coconuts.” It may sound strange to ask about this topic.

In essence, monkey labor is precisely what it sounds like. According to a previous PETA investigation, chained monkeys are “abusively trained,” unable to eat the coconuts they collect. In addition, many are tethered for extended periods with “rigid metal collars,” chains, and ropes.

Previous articles from National Geographic have discussed PETA’s investigations into “monkey schools.” Citing video from the organization claims that the monkeys are transported in cages that are “too small for them to turn around in” and that they are “alone and in distress, screaming and repeatedly pacing, a sign of anxiety.”

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