In HBO’s House of the Dragon, Phia Saban portrays Helaena Targaryen.

Viewers were once more subjected to Princess Helaena Targaryen’s uncanny meditations in the most recent House of the Dragon episode, “Driftmark,” which starred actress Phia Saban.

Fans eagerly anticipate seeing her shine in the entertainment industry further because she has undoubtedly demonstrated her potential via it.

Helaena Targaryen Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Parents, Boyfriend, And Relationship Details
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In This Post, Explore Helaena Targaryen Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Parents, Boyfriend, And Relationship Details In Brief.

Phia Saban Biography Details

These weekly articles appear to be written for us by Viserys Targaryen’s only kid with Alicent Hightower at this time. But, of course, someone would have to “lose an eye,” as Helaena said last week. Sure enough, her brother Aemond did that after claiming Vhagar the dragon himself.

Again, it’s simple to decipher what she’s saying here. She mentions a dark, emerald-green cloth. The two rival Targaryen groups vying for the Iron Throne are called the “Greens” and the “Black” in George R.R. Martin’s book Fire & Blood.

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The group is known as the Greens—named for the green dress Alicent Hightower wore in Episode 5—backs Alicent Hightower, while the others favour Rhaenyra. In reality, Rhaenyra referred to Alicent’s group as “the Greens” after the episode. We haven’t heard it before, but it won’t be the last time.

Helaena also said that “dragons of flesh creating dragons of thread.” So in the upcoming wars, Alicent, Rhaenyra, and all the supporting cast members—the “dragons of flesh”—will use their actual dragons as weapons.

NamePhia Saban.
DebutThe Last Kingdom
Latest PerformanceHouse of the Dragon

What Is Phia Saban Age?

Phia Shaban was born on September 19, 1998, and now she is 24 years old. This actress is relatively new, having only completed two projects. She is a Virgo by birth sign and renowned for being discreet and secretive.

They have an air of mystique about them. Personality traits include enthusiasm, creativity, intense loyalty, boldness, fearlessness, and fearlessness. She was less gorgeous and plumper than most Targaryens at the age of thirteen when it came to her character Helaena.

Despite this, everyone thought she would make a fantastic mother because she was a sweet and cheery young lady. When Helaena was their queen, the familiar people admired her. But following the death of her oldest son, Helaena went insane and started to feel depressed.

When Helaena was 21 years old, she jumped from Maegor’s Holdfast and died on the spikes below because she was overcome with melancholy in 130 AC. Rumors that Luthor Largent had killed her on Queen Rhaenyra’s orders abounded in King’s Landing.


Phia Saban Height Details

Phia has a lovely body. She is hardly seen on film, but her attractiveness has also drawn fans to her social media accounts. Not to minimize her acting ability, the actress is equally seductive and endearing. Saban, who is 5 feet 7 inches tall, is the ideal height for the princess role.

As is customary for the Targaryens, Helaena is tall and willowy and has grown strong muscles from years of military training. In addition to having the characteristic silver-white hair and deep violet eyes of a Valyrian descendant, she also has the angular and seductive features of the former dragon people.

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She is physically energetic and moves practically constantly, as though she has suppressed energy that keeps her from being still for too long. She is very outgoing, the center of attention in every situation, stubborn and tenacious, and incredibly loyal to her friends and loved ones.

Helaena is highly competitive in sports yet laid back in her leisure activities. She is generally tomboyish and laughs loudly, but she still emanates a certain amount of feminine charm.

Height5 feet 7 inches

Who Are Phia Saban Parents?

Phia was born to Penny Boreham Saban on September 19, 1998, in London, United Kingdom. Her mother is a producer, a broadcaster, and a supporter of children. Phia’s mother is her staunchest ally and the one who inspired her to pursue acting.

Every individual piece of information that is publicly available supports Penny Boreham Saban’s status as a single parent. Helaena Targaryen, the show’s eldest child and the daughter of Prince Aemon Targaryen, is the opposite. She is Viserys Targaryen’s cousin as well as the twin sister of Aegon.

In Castle, Aemon had the position of Night’s Watch master. In addition, he served as Lord Commander Jeor Mormont’s valued advisor. Born Aemon Targaryen, he was the final Targaryen in Westeros that was known to exist.

But, unbeknownst to him, he was Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen’s great-great uncle. Because Aemon devoted so much time to maintaining his obligations as a Maester and a Night’s Watch comrade, most people have long since forgotten about his past.

MotherPenny Boreham Saban

Meet Saban On Instagram

The incredible Phia Saban can be found on Instagram as @phiasaban. She has 10,000 followers because of her role in the Game of Thrones prequel. Thanks to this series, she has quickly identified and will undoubtedly prosper going forward.

However, the intervals between her posts indicate that she is not particularly active there. She publishes one post on average every three months, which is incredibly infrequent for someone in the entertainment industry.

Image Source: Instagram

Oddly, she hasn’t even mentioned being on such a classic show on social media. The most recent entry, from September, lists the location as County Cork, Ireland, without any other information. Half of the body is depicted in a cave in the image.

The memories she had with her friends and loved ones are all over her social media. She is not afraid to publicly declare her affection for any of them. She honors her people in a world where celebrities release material to promote themselves and their brands.


Phia Saban Acting Career Explored

Phia Saban made her acting debut in Netflix’s 2015 “The Last Kingdom” season. The Bernard Cornwell Saxon Stories book series served as the model for the British historical-fiction television program The Last Kingdom.

The television program was prepared by Stephen Butchard and premiered on the BBC on October 10, 2015. Netflix acquired the program in 2018. On March 9, 2022, the fifth and final season of the television show debuted. In addition, a whole prequel called Seven Kings Must Die was created on Netflix.

She primarily worked in theatre before “The Last Kingdom,” playing a young Bella in a BBC radio play. But let me first let you know that the actress competed for “The Josephine Hart Poetry Prize” in 2019 against several renowned poets.

Even though Phia has only written two notable plays in the theatre, her future is undoubtedly encouraging. This British beauty is represented by Tavistock Wood, a literary and entertainment agency in London.

Despite Phia’s active participation in school plays and stage performances, we discovered that Phia’s brother Gabriel also enjoys acting on stage. Her mother, who frequently visits France, is among the family members who like travelling the most.

Some FAQs About Phia Saban

What Is Phia Saban’s Age?

Phia Saban is 24 years old.

Who Are Phia Saban’s Parents?

Phia Saban’s parents; mother is Penny Boreham Saban

What Is Phia Saban’s height?

Phia Saban’s Height is 5 feet 7 inches.

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