Heath Mclvor: Who Plays Randy Feltface? Face Reveal, Age, Wiki And Net Worth In 2022
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It’s well-known for Randy Feltface’s purple puppet comedy act to use observational humor. Numerous CDs, TV broadcasts, and live performances include the artist.

  • Rutherford Felface revealed his face, and it was Heath McIvor behind the mask all the time
  • Before becoming famous, Heath Mclvor smoked and frequently drank before quitting to focus on his job
  • Mclvor defines himself as a progressive person and that Randy Feltface has endangered his life

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Face Reveal: Who Plays Randy Feltface? Is It Heath Mclvor?

Rutherford Felface’s true identity is revealed; Heath McIvor, an Australian author, puppeteer, and comic, is in charge of him. Australian The purple puppet Randy Felt’s new appearance is the work of 42-year-old Heath Mcclover.

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Randy Feltface A puppet was created for the What’s A Bully To You? show. He opted to utilize the puppet in the comedy puppetry show Pure Puppet Palaver after the project was a failure, where it had its debut after being marketed as his own.

Heath Mcclover primarily operates his puppet from a desk, though he occasionally makes an appearance on stage.

Is The Australian Puppeteer Randy Feltface Blind?

No, the Australian puppeteer Randy Feltface, Heath Mclvor, is not blind, nor has he yet developed any eye conditions. However, the puppeteer asserts that he is blind and cannot see the audience while the show is being performed. He can only move a little behind the desk, where the puppet is being manipulated.

While delivering solo performances on the puppets utilizing his observational comic method, he interacts with his purple puppet.

He promotes his career with his website and YouTube channel. Since 2005, the puppeteer has regularly performed stand-up comedy.

Randy Feltface Age and Wiki

Randy Feltface, an Australian Purple puppeteer, is 42 years old. Heath Mclvor has a Wikipedia page dedicated to him.

He admitted that he was born on August 17, 1980, the same evening the Dingo killed Azaria Chantel Loren CHamberian as he played Purple Privilege.

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Randy’s sense of humor impacts the individuals in everyday situations. Alongside Sammy J., the satirical comedian performs in the musical comedy act.

He used to perform music at the weekend get-togethers for the youngsters and regularly needed money. Additionally, he was addressing the divorce issue. The author wrote the unpublished book Walking to Skye in 2015.

Puppeteer Randy Feltface Net Worth 2022

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are just a few of the social media platforms that Australian celebrities get money from.

Randy’s YouTube channel had a net worth of 76K in August 2022, per Starstat data. With 632 K followers, he earns more than $30 K annually from his channel, earning more than $60 daily.

He also does live shows in many cities and countries worldwide. Tickets can be ordered before the event on his official website, feltface.com.

Most of his recent performances have occurred in Edinburgh, Nottingham, Glasgow, Newcastle, and London. However, the Australian comedian’s primary income source is performing stand-up comedy.

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