Heartbroken Tiktok Song Remix Original Video Lyrics And Singer
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I’m Heartbroken is a well-liked song on Tik Tok, and users enjoy making movies with it.

By creating brief movies and sharing them with others, users of Tiktok can communicate with one another. As they listen to it and make videos about it, I’m Heartbroken is one of the songs that has united many people.

The song appears to be getting personal touches from listeners who seem to enjoy other people’s music videos.

What Are Heartbroken Tiktok Song Lyrics?

The lyrics to “I’m Heartbroken” are getting viral on the app TikTok, which has a lot of popular material, just like many other appealing songs.

The words’ meaning demonstrates how a person feels when his loved ones cause pain. The individual no longer wants to be with his spouse and appears upset with his friends and relatives.

She appears to no longer trust her husband and desires to be alone herself. Lyrics have the full lyrics of this song.

Details On Heartbroken Tiktok Song Remix And Original Video

This timeless bassline single, which peaked at number two on the UK chart, was created by combining the T2 Production with the original version of “I’m Heartbroken” by Jodie Aysha.

On November 12, 2007, the music was initially made available to the general audience. The song is streamable on numerous platforms, including YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, and more. Record producer T2 is a British citizen who resides and works in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

In the UK, his song “Heartbroken,” which featured Aysha, peaked at No. 2. The BPI awarded the song Platinum certification in 2022. However, T2 Production altered the song’s lyrics in late 2007 to promote Ricky Hatton’s fight with Floyd Mayweather.

The fact that Heartbroken is one of the most well-liked songs makes T2 Production eager to release it.

Heartbroken Tiktok Song Singer And Trend

English singer-songwriter Jodie Aysha was born on November 22, 1988. She wrote the original “I’m Heartbroken” song. The singer was born in Leeds, England, and will turn 34 in 2022.

There are currently billions of individuals who have viewed more than 105K videos on the sound. In addition, people have been using sound to express poignant moments of painful experiences.

They start the film with something depressing and end it with something humorous that demonstrates their lack of concern for what transpired. However, some people have turned to sounds to express how absurd they view particular circumstances.

Because it is about heartbreak, people appear to enjoy this song. Another explanation for why it became so well-liked may be that they also thought it was fascinating.

The most popular sound video belongs to the account @diaryofabodgyal. It had more than a million likes and more than 3,000 comments when this was posted.

This song has over 265k YouTube views since it was added to Tiktok’s trending list, and Taz Network’s YouTube channel has posted the song’s video.

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