Olu Jacobs

Olu Jacobs, a Nigerian actor, has spoken out about his illness and health issues, which has alarmed his fan base.

Olu Jacobs, also known by the stage name Oludotun Baiyewu, is a well-known film executive and actor who has appeared in a number of successful British TV shows and foreign films.

He has gained notoriety over time and emerged as one of the greatest and most renowned actors in Africa. He is also regarded as a legendary artist because he has been involved in the entertainment industry for more than fifty years.

The actor has established himself not only in the Nigerian entertainment sector but also beyond. He is now recognized for serving as a conduit between the established and emerging talents in the field.

For the artists, who have repeatedly struggled with their condition, the last few years have been difficult.

Health Update Of Actor Olu Jacobs

Joke Silva, a well-liked wife of Olu Jacobs from Nigeria, talked up about the actor’s condition and how difficult it has been for her family.

Dementia with a Lewy body is the medical ailment Olu has. Olu appears to be fighting his disease head-on at the moment.

After online death rumors started to spread in late 2021, many became aware of his illness. When he attended the Lifetime Achievement Award, the rumor about his title stopped.


Later, the secret was exposed by his wife. The artist has recently scaled back on his television appearances, but he has still been able to connect with his fans on social media.

With his birthday falling on the 11th of July, he has recently turned the lovely age of 80. Now, the artist was able to enjoy his special day with the best wishes of numerous well-known public figures.

At the same time, President Buhari issued the following statement: “The President felicitates with the Jacobs’ family, especially the wife, who is also a well-known actress, Joke Silva, and their friends on the auspicious event.”

Olu Jacobs Suffers From Dementia: Lewy Bodies Condition

Joke Silva discusses Olu Jacobs’s ailment, Dementia with Lewy Bodies, and reveals that he has been ill for a few years.

He is coping with challenges, and they have been present for a while, she said. It is referred to as Lewy Body dementia.


It is a degenerative condition that affects the brain, and because it affects the brain, you don’t notice the shaking. It is virtually like Parkinson’s disease in this regard. The individual is impacted.

She continued, “Family members have also found it difficult because he doesn’t understand what is happening. We praise God for bringing us through it over the last few years.

That was the first time she expressed her health issues in public while simultaneously crying over his illness. His followers have wished for good health ever since the revelation.

Where Is The Film Executive Olu Jacobs Now?

Olu Jacobs, a film executive, is presently battling an ailment and concentrating on his health. At the Africa International Film Festival Awards, he once made an appearance.

His admirers were worried about his health at the moment because he appeared to be rather feeble. Yet he continues to appear less on the big screen as he approaches his 80th birthday.

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