An American YouTuber named Hbomb94 is well-known for his gaming videos, particularly those regarding Minecraft.

Twenty days after launching his channel on January 6, 2011, he published his first videos on January 26.

In the beginning, most of his films were on Call of Duty. He kept producing Call of Duty videos for the first few years of the channel’s existence.

YouTuber published his first Minecraft video, “FTB Speed Challenge: #1: Solar Panel: E1,” on February 20, 2013, and has since produced only Minecraft videos.

He has since achieved popularity as a Minecraft YouTuber, but he found his niche as a Twitch broadcaster since he now has a few hundred more Twitch subscribers than on YouTube.

HBomb94 Age, Bio, Wikipedia, Height, Real Name: Has Hbomb94 Done A Face Reveal?
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HBomb94 Age: How Old Is He?

28 years old is Hbomb94. It was conceived on January 4, 1994.

A few days after turning 17, he launched his YouTube channel and has been posting content there ever since.

One of the first YouTubers to earn a living off gaming channels was Hbomb94, who also had one of the earliest Minecraft channels on the platform.

He can be credited with helping to make it possible for people like Pewdiepie and Markiplier to make videos full-time.

Although Hbomb94 doesn’t have as many subscribers as they do, he has a devoted following that has followed him from the time he had a few hundred views on his videos to the present, when he receives thousands of pictures for each video he releases.

On Twitch, where he receives thousands of viewers for each stream, his fans have helped him.


HBomb94 Bio Wikipedia

Hbomb94 has been active on YouTube for its entire eleventh year, 2022.

Hbomb94’s career has had a massive climb in success, from early Call of Duty videos to becoming one of the first Minecraft players on the platform.

If one were to visit his early films now, they would still barely have a few hundred views, just as they did when he started making videos. However, his work has also developed, moving from quick tips to creating complete stories using his characters from Minecraft.

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Hbomb94 is a fantastic Minecraft player in his way and has gained the respect of many other YouTubers, whether they are gamers or not, despite not being on the same level as Hermitcraft YouTubers.

The MC Champion commonly referred to as the MCC, is a Minecraft competition in which HBomb94 frequently participates.

In this competition, well-known Minecraft producers compete in a variety of minigames.


What Is HBomb94 Height?

Hbomb94 is a touch on the short side at five feet and eight inches, but he likes to think he is over six feet tall.

Hbomb94 had a running joke that he was a total chad of a man before he revealed his face and became just a voice behind the screen.

The joke, which continues to this day on his Twitch channel, where his bio reads “6’9 powerhouse of pure muscle and masculinity,” was shared by everybody.

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Another Minecraft character with unkempt hair and a beard, dressed as a lumberjack, serves as the Youtuber’s online persona.

Hbomb94 is well known for ridiculing stereotypical ideas of what it means to be a man. The Youtuber exudes an alternate way of thinking, from his jokes to his online persona to how he carries himself.

What Is Hbomb94’s Real Name?

Liam Heneghan is Hbomb94’s real name, and Hbomb94 obtained his name by combining the initials of his last name with the word “bomb” and his birth year.

Illinois’s Chicago is where Liam was born and raised. He did, however, eventually go to Arizona.

He relocated to Los Angeles with his companions as soon as he gained more notoriety.

He dated Corrine while residing in Los Angeles; she was previously known only by the alias babebomb94.

Along with Key Cat and two dogs named MacKenzie and Pippen, Liam also owns two cats. After he and his fiancée split up in July 2016, he left Los Angeles and headed back to Arizona, leaving his pets at his mother’s house.

He obtained a dog named Link in Arizona. He returned to Los Angeles at the end of January 2021.

Real NameLiam Heneghan
Date of BirthJanuary 4, 1994
Place of BirthAmerica

Has Hbomb94 Done His Face Reveal?

On August 23, 2014, Hbomb94 revealed his face during his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Since announcing his face, the YouTuber has been quite transparent about his face and appearance.

He would initially merely appear as a disembodied face behind whatever gaming was visible on the screen.

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His ex-girlfriend also revealed her face after he did, and now he shares videos of himself and—more importantly—streams with his face visible.

The YouTuber enjoys making jokes about his appearance, which are throwbacks to when he used to cover his face and refer to himself as a 6’9 big man.

He is a little short and small, but he is still a handsome man. He periodically shares photos of himself on his Twitter and other social media accounts.

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