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A teacher named Alden Bunag from a Hawaii school was reportedly arrested for spreading child porn.

Alden Bunag admits to mistreating his former pupil. Authorities further claim that he transferred illicit photos and recordings to another instructor on the mainland.

According to court records, Aldena and the mainland teacher communicated via more than 3300 texts, many of which contained image and video files.

Hawaii Teacher: Why Was Alden Bunag Arrested?

High school instructor Alden Bunag was found guilty of sending obscene photos. According to reports, he admitted to having sex with a young student.

According to federal prosecution papers, Bunag had been sending indecent recordings to a Philadelphia instructor. As a result, the school’s instructor was taken into custody by the police in October 2022.

According to the paperwork, the instructor claimed they had sex at the school during lunchtime with (the child).

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Alden stated that he knew the student was a youngster at the time and identified him as a former student.

According to the legal file, Bunag admitted to the prosecution that he recorded his sexual encounters with a 13-year-old former pupil on video and then shared the recordings with others via a chat app.

Alden Bunag Charges

KHON2 News reported Alden Bunag’s arrest early this morning on Twitter. According to court documents, the teacher was found guilty of inappropriately transmitting photographs and video.

Bunag will face numerous charges of mistreating young students and assaulting children.

Alden made his first appearance in federal court on Thursday and is detained in custody until his subsequent court appearance. The date of his upcoming hearing is set for June 21, 2022.

 Additionally, he admitted to transmitting child pornography to additional victims who were minors.

Alden Bunag Wife And Family

Alden Bunag’s wife and family have not yet been revealed in further detail. His past is currently being kept secret by the government.

No information regarding his private life has been made public besides his name, which was found on the crime site.

Alden is from Hawaii, which is in the west of the country. Bunag has not yet made his marital situation public.

When the concerned parties enquired regarding Bunag’s teaching credentials, the Department of Education did not provide an answer.

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