In 2018, the Amoeba Sisters made their website the official location of their big reveal. Amoeba Sisters are a popular gaming channel run by two sisters in the United States.

On July 12, 2013, the Amoeba Sisters launched a YouTube channel. In the time since they’ve gathered over 178 million views and 1.53 million subscribers.

They use an animated approach in which they are shown as two amoebas. Petunia is the purple amoeba, and Pinky is the pink one; both have been given flower names because of their colours.

Petunia does the visuals and animation, while Pinky does the talking and is a former high school biology teacher.

They created the channel to help anyone who needed a primer in biology. The Amoeba Sisters have built a career by giving talks and teaching biology to audiences ranging in age from elementary school kids to high school seniors.

Some users boast that their movies are worthy of use in a first-year biology class at the university level.

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Face Reveal Of The Amoeba Sisters

The Amoeba Sisters have revealed their identities to fans on their official site. Another YouTube video featuring the Amoeba Sisters may be found there.

Before the formal face reveals, there was a 30-second video titled “Amoeba Sisters Face Reveal!” in which they pretended to respond to all the comments requesting a look tell by showing a photo of two amoebas and then wishing viewers a “Happy April Fool’s Day.”

Though many fans were shocked and disappointed that there was no genuine face reveal, numerous responses indicated that they loved the comedy of the situation and confessed that they were playfully tricked.

The Amoeba Sisters didn’t want to let their followers down, so they revealed their identities on their website. There was an “About Us” area on their main website where they identified themselves and posted photos.

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Since then, the pair has been relatively forthcoming with public appearances, yet still without displaying their faces in any films.

Those who follow them on YouTube will never see the women’s faces, but those who follow them elsewhere, especially on Twitter, will see them frequently.

Both Amoeba Sisters maintain a Twitter account and often upload photos of themselves taking selfies at various scientific fairs and museums. They’re both white, both have dark brown hair, and they happen to be sisters.

The Amoeba Sisters Are Sarina Peterson And Brianna Rapini

In real life, the Amoeba Sisters are Sarina Peterson and Brianna Rapini. All three of the Amoeba Sisters have a common ancestor.

In their films, petunia, aka Sarina Peterson, is responsible for drawing and animating the action scenes. Brianna, aka Pinky, on the other side, is accountable for the videos’ content and writing.

The show’s scientific mind, a former high school biology teacher named Brianna, and the show’s artistic mind, a far superior artist named Sarina, are sisters.

Brianna writes the narrative, and Sarina illustrates it; then, when she recordings herself, she creates animations that go along with the story, and she edits everything together.

Their identities remain a mystery, although they have revealed their faces, shared their names and talked about their lives to some extent in their films.

The only concrete fact regarding the two is that they are both presently based in Texas, albeit separately.
Brianna has had more than one kid, although the exact number of their offspring is unclear. They are both in their 30s; by 2020, Brianna will have earned her Master’s degree.

As of the time, this story was written, the Amoeba Sisters were believed to have a net worth of $1.12 million because of the success of their YouTube channel. Most of their revenue comes from commercials that play before their videos.

According to Social Blade, the Amoeba Sisters have a B+-rated channel. Their annual salary ranges from $12,100 to $193,200, with a monthly income of $1,000 to $16,100.

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