After defeating Iamthmpsn on August 27 at the O2 stadium in London, comedian Sam Hyde challenged political analyst Hasan Piker to a heavyweight boxing bout.

He stated earlier this month that if Hasan had no desire to challenge the heavyweight fighter, the battle against Iamthmpsn would be his final.

Hasan Piker And Sam Hyde Weight Class, Reddit Feud, And Are They Fighting?
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Hasan has not yet accepted Hyde’s challenge to a duel, though. Please continue reading this article to learn more in detail.

Hasan Piker And Sam Hyde Weight Class

Hasan Piker, a supporter of the left, has accepted comedian Sam Hyde’s challenge for a million-dollar boxing match.

Hasan Piker talked about his physical prowess and exhibited an interest in Youtube boxing. However, he has yet to accept the offer from the crypto comedian, which some have slammed as being unsure.

The mysterious bitcoin investor who bought the bout’s prize reportedly turned down prior requests to donate to several charities. That is until he decided to back YouTube boxing, which he considers an excellent investment.

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Hyde completed his mission by defeating Thompson in a boxing contest last month. The main goal of the conflict was to finally get Piker to retaliate for his aggressive style of argumentation that has irked many individuals, including Hyde.

He believes the streamer, who has never publicly responded to his many callouts, is unwilling to grant the contentious comic access to his platform and its millions of followers.

Sam Hyde And Hasan Piker Reddit Feud

After his victory, Hyde spoke about what would happen next, but the mood at the O2 Arena was already a touch out of control.

The situation significantly worsened when the comedian took the stage, much to the delight of his fans, who were thrilled to see him triumph.

He started by thanking everyone who had helped him prepare for the big night, but after being asked who he would like to fight next, things started to veer off course. Since initially asserting that he would make this battle happen back in March, he has consistently demonstrated that he was serious.

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Piker has not yet reacted to the most recent challenge, but based on the supporters’ reactions, the fight is likely to occur at any time. Hyde is among those who disapprove of Piker’s strong presentation of his ideas.

He believes the streamer is hesitant to grant the controversial comic access to his platform of millions of viewers since he has never acknowledged any of the multiple times he has been called out.

Hasan Piker has made a name for himself as a tenacious advocate for social justice in the far-left political milieu.

Piker, who was recently suspended from Twitch for inciting racial hatred towards certain ethnic groups based on the color of their skin, has since moved to Twitter, where he continues to promote racial hatred while posing as an advocate for social justice.

Are Hasan Piker And Sam Hyde Fighting?

Let’s now discuss the issue that has been ignored. Fans are uncertain whether Hasan Piker and Sam Hyde are at odds or if the fabrication is designed to incite conflict between the artists.

Sam is the one who wants to fight because he finds the political commentator’s actions repulsive.

Fans are delighted, and the scene is set, but the fight has not yet been publicly confirmed. Sam’s callout has received no response from Hasan.

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As of the time of writing this post, Hasan doesn’t appear particularly eager to face Sam, as evidenced by his persistent disregard for the messages and comments of supporters of the match.

One of the Twitter users asserted that Hasan Pikar blocked him immediately after receiving a message from him that read, “Fight Sam Hyde.”

Another supporter humorously remarked that if Hasan again denied battling the comedian, he would have to endure hearing the phrase “Fight Sam” for the rest of his life.

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