Has Twitch Streamer Tectone Divorced?

Gamer Tectone announced on Twitter that he and his wife, Fream, are divorcing. On December 16, Tectone sent his readers an update.

Tectone is a popular Twitch streamer from Texas, United States, renowned for broadcasting video games such as Genshin Impact. The birth date of the 28-year-old streamer is December 23, 1993.

For streaming Genshin Impact, he has become a familiar face. Genshin Impact’s compelling tale and consistent content updates have made it a favorite among internet streamers, with Tectone being a notable example.

As a result of his streams’ popularity, he now has over 810K subscribers on Twitch, 197.1K on Twitter, and over 761K on YouTube. The sad truth is that the topic of conversation on his streams is now exclusively his divorce.

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Why Did Tectone And His Wife Got Divorced?

In a tweet published on December 16, 2022, Tectone announced that he and his wife, Fream, had separated. There, Tectone shared a post from his Twitlong blog.

The link, unfortunately, does not work and does not take you to the intended blog post. However, the post confirmed their separation and provided Tectone’s rationale.

He claims that neither side of the split had animosity or bad behavior. The news, he noted, may be fresh, but the couple has been living with it for some time.

He said the primary reason for the split was that the marriage had been arranged. At 18, Tectone and Fream tied the knot after being pressured by their families to do so that Tectone would not have to leave Canada.

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Therefore, they tied the knot more out of practicality than any deep desire to start a family together. Tectone complained that they needed more time to weigh the pros and cons.

Their decision at age 18 led them to their decision at age 28. Last, he pleaded with the streaming community to be nice to Fream since he cared deeply for her.

Despite the breakup of their marriage, they are still very close friends. In response to his tweet, Fream said that they are now “inseparable homies” and will always love each other.

Later, around this article’s publication, Tectone made a YouTube video in which he elaborated on the reasons for the divorce.

How Were Tectone’s Married Life And Past Relationships?

Tectone wed Fream when they were both 18 years old and stayed together till they separated in their early 20s.

Fream is not just a VTuber and Twitch streamer but also a Twitch partner. Over the past year, she has amassed over 49.2K Twitter followers and 51.9K Twitch viewers.

She is well-known on Twitch for her gaming streams, the most recent of which featured her playing No More Heroes III.

She does not work for any corporate sponsor like many other VTubers and creates all her designs. She made her first appearance on March 20, 2021.

The blog above claims that she and Tectone tied the knot when they were 18 years old so that Tectone could remain in Canada. Their marriage lasted for almost ten years.

No suspicions of infidelity or cheating have surfaced during their whole time together. In other words, they have never been in a relationship with anybody other.

They’re also in the same group as the game company One True King, which has headquarters in Austin. A gamer at the business, Tectone, works alongside Fream, a chief designer.

The fact that everyone was taken aback by the couple’s decision to divorce speaks volumes about the strength of their public image as a married couple.

Fans of Tectone were aware of Fream’s existence and marriage since she made frequent appearances in his streams.

The divorce news once again highlights the unexpected nature of people’s private lives. I know Tectone is struggling after hearing about his divorce, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him.

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