American gaming YouTuber H2O Delirious has never performed a face reveal. On May 24, 2007, H2O Delirious launched its YouTube channel.

H20 Delirious is from North Carolina and has a sizable fan base. He has amassed a sizable fan base on YouTube without performing a face reveal.

Jonathan is his real name, and he is best known for his so-called Psychotic Laugh, his tendency to speak incorrectly in videos, and his numerous gaming-related videos.

It was back in 2007, and he was one of the first YouTubers. In one of his films, he disclosed that he was born in Virginia and then relocated to North Carolina.

Jonathan and fellow YouTuber Cartoonz get along well. They are very close because Cartoonz used to date his sister. They were together for more than eight years.

Has H2O Delirious Done Face Reveal?
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Has H2O Delirious Done Face Reveal?

Since H2O Delirious has never revealed his face, his admirers have been highly interested. Although H2O has been on YouTube for more than ten years, his fans must be aware of his appearance.

He portrays himself using an animated persona, just like other gaming YouTubers do. He typically dons his iconic Jason Voorhees mask, which has clown makeup. His persona typically sports a turtleneck over a blue jacket.

At times, he dresses his character in new clothing. He’s dressed as Santa Claus for the holidays and is sporting the same mask. He posted a phoney face reveal video on April Fools’ Day in 2015. He did not disclose his natural look but that of the GTA V character.

He performed a false face revealed with his YouTuber buddies MiniLadd and Daithi de Nogla once more in 2017.

Fans concluded that Gorilla is the only person who knows the real him after he stated that he and fellow YouTuber Gorillaphent had known each other since high school in one of the live streams in 2018.

He has also participated in several YouTube scandals and accusations. Regarding their charges, he was mentioned in Keemstar’s video as well. Because of his use of the song “Outta my head,” he has been given three copyright strikes.

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He has developed a ton of gaming material and earned millions of followers. Additionally, H2O Delirious is presently dating Liz Katz, a cosplayer. The couple announced Liz’s pregnancy in 2020, and in the fall of that year, she gave birth to a daughter.

They announced they were expecting a second child last May, and a son was born a few months later.

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H2O Delirious Is A Gaming YouTuber

On YouTube, H20 Delirious has a very successful career. H20 currently streams video games on Twitch and Discord, among other websites.

He first signed up for YouTube in 2007, and ever since then, he’s had success creating various gaming-related material.

He posted numerous gaming videos for games, including Grand Theft Auto, Garry’s Mod, Fallout 4, Fortnite, and many more over a decade.

As requested by his fans, he has also played various independent horror games, including Outcast, Among The Sleep, Isolation, and many others.

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He has also worked with many other YouTubers who specialize in gaming. He sent a message to VanossGaming in 2011 asking for potential future cooperation.

They have collaborated on numerous occasions and introduced one other to their friends. He occasionally also uploads unrelated videos and video clips. He posted a video of his daughter attempting to play Minecraft a few months ago.

He currently has 13.3 million YouTube subscribers and more than 4 billion views. The animated music video Delirious Army, which has 21 million views, is his most famous. He only makes about $400,000 a year through YouTube.

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